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7 Reasons Why A Woman No Longer Believes In Love

7 Reasons Why A Woman No Longer Believes In Love

She is a special person. She is a different woman from all the others you've met before. She knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go get it. She is a woman who is aware of her value and accepts no less than she deserves. Anyone who sees it for the first time, can make the mistake of thinking that it is cold and heartless. In fact, she is a woman who knows how to love, but she no longer believes in love because she has been hurt many times before.

This woman has convinced herself that it is difficult for her to love and that she will never find her true love. And here are the reasons why she feels so.

1. She was injured before
One of the main reasons this woman does not believe in love is the fact that she has been heartbroken many times before. She has endured a lot of pain and sorrow and is now struggling to open up and become vulnerable again. All the pain and sorrow she has known put her on her guard. They taught him that the only way to protect his heart is to believe that true love does not exist.

2. She is complicated
This woman is difficult to handle for a weak man. She is frank and honest. She is not easily impressed by the beautiful words and maintaining a relationship with her requires a lot of energy, time, patience and honesty. Something that many people are unable to do. That's why she thinks she does not find anyone who can understand her complex but interesting mind.

3. She is independent and strong
All the difficulties she has gone through in her life have made her stronger. Now she is a strong and independent woman who does not hesitate to eject all the toxic people of her life. She realized that she lives well by being alone and if she does not find a person who corresponds to her strength of character, so be it.

4. She is not content with mediocrity
When she looks around and sees couples swearing to love each other forever, she can not help but wonder. She knows that under the brilliant surface of a romantic relationship, there is usually not much true love. And she would never be in a relationship like this. She refuses to accept anything but a love that will touch her heart and soul in a real way.

5. She is an old soul
This woman does not understand the concept of modern relations and prefers to do things the old fashioned way. She is an old soul who believes in monogamy and loving a person all her life. She does not play with the feelings of her partners, and does not make a hit of a night or occasional meetings. She is not judgmental, but she does not want to be in a relationship without love and without a real purpose.

6. She happily believes in long-term relationships
Even though she is an independent woman who knows what she wants in life, she still believes in a sincere love and a happy life forever with the man she is in love with. She does not want a superficial relationship, so she's convinced she never has a relationship without a future. She seeks a healthy relationship, serene and lasting in time.

7. It prefers to stay single rather than being stuck in a mediocre relationship
In the end, she prefers to remain single rather than live a toxic relationship without love. She is perfectly well by being alone, she takes care of herself and she is happy, and if one day she decides to be with a man, it will be with the right person.
Why A Woman No Longer Believes In Love