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Say Goodbye To Weeds With This 100% Natural Herbicide!

Say Goodbye To Weeds With This 100% Natural Herbicide!

To cope with weed problems in gardens and flowerbeds, many of us are using chemicals available in supermarkets. However, these herbicides present many dangers, whether for humans, animals or the environment in general. To preserve your health and that of your loved ones, here is a 100% organic weed killer, very easy to prepare.

Weeds are a real nuisance every day, especially when they destroy hours of hard work! Lawn, gardens and paths, they are everywhere and can become a real scourge. Therefore, it is normal to want to get rid of it effectively. Only, our tendency to use chemical herbicides instinctively is a very bad reflex for our health and for the environment. We explain ...

Glyphosate: the killer herbicide
A large portion of chemical herbicides contain glyphosate, a highly controversial product. Our Guardian colleagues are working on this scourge, which is causing growing concern around the world. In an article written by Erin Brokovich himself, America's most feared environmental activist, this ingredient would be used in more than 750 products, including Roundup, a Monsanto-owned herbicide and the most widely used herbicide. worldwide.

Indeed, he would have caused a cancer of the lymphatic system at Dewayne Johnson, gardener by profession, who worked at the time for the pesticide company. After a long and savage trial, Monsanto was convicted and had to pay a hefty sum of 250 million euros to the man whose days are now counted.

Indeed, glyphosate is the favorite product of farmers:

"This product is the first weed killer used by amateur gardeners - some 17 million. In total, 2,000 tonnes of this substance are used each year by individuals and 8,500 tonnes by farmers and other professionals "

Monsanto-Bayer: controversial
It is now a merciless battle that this American giant, subsidiary since 2018 of the German company Bayer, is engaged with non-governmental organizations to defend glyphosate. In full reconstruction of its image, Monsanto-Bayer, now called Bayer only, is already the subject of complaints brought this time by beekeepers of the Aisne. 

The controversy surrounding this ingredient identified as "probable carcinogen" by The International Agency for Research on Cancer is far from over. Indeed, the opinions multiply on the rate and duration of exposure necessary before the harmful effects of glyphosate are manifested. Faced with an ingredient that generates so much debate, there is nothing better than turning to natural and organic alternatives, which are healthy and do not harm the body.

Here is a natural herbicide recipe to prepare at home that will allow you to achieve the desired results.

  • 4L white vinegar
  • 500g (2 cups) Epsom salts (available in pharmacy or supermarket)
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) of organic dishwashing liquid

- Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle
- Spray your mixture on weeds, preferably on sunny, dry days. Indeed, it is necessary to use this product when there is no risk of rain.

Why is this mixture effective?
As SFGATE, the San Francisco Chronicle's parent site, explains, cooking is a resource-rich place to make your own weed killer. Indeed, acetic acid vinegar and salt Epsom dry weeds while the dishwashing liquid allows the mixture to adhere to the plants.

This herbicide acts on everything it touches, so be careful not to spray on the plants you want to keep in your garden!
Say Goodbye To Weeds With This 100% Natural Herbicide!