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The Secret To Getting Rid Of Back Pain Is In Your Feet. Here Are 5 Exercises That Will Fix Everything

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Back Pain Is In Your Feet. Here Are 5 Exercises That Will Fix Everything

Affecting many people, back pain has different causes. In fact, we find back pain in cases of diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, obesity and overweight, stress or when the posture is bad. Thus, a prolonged sitting or standing position can also cause back pain, as well as poor sleep or heavy loads. Fortunately, in addition to changing bad habits, some simple exercises can relieve back pain.

Comprised of cervical vertebrae, dorsal vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx, the back is an essential part of the body for mobility. Similarly, it is a real support for the whole body and a protection for the spinal cord, a cord that is part of the central nervous system and ensures the distribution of nerves and nerve impulses.

Although it is a solid body part, it is not uncommon to have back pain. According to a poll by OpinionWay, 9 out of 10 French have already suffered. Generally, the modification of the habits of life which the practice of a regular physical activity (in order to strengthen the back) make it possible to avoid the recurrences. However, when the pain is intense, we do not always know how to relieve it.

To do this, you can opt for exercises that relieve muscle tension and stretch ligaments, to reduce pain. Among these, we find these 5 exercises to do with your feet. Indeed, the feet also support the whole body. However, the micro-traumas and the tensions felt in these can radiate to the shoulders, alter the position and favor the back pains. So, by relieving your feet, you will soothe your back pain.

5 exercises against back pain to do with feet

Walking on the toes
To perform this exercise, stand on tiptoe. Hold this position and walk on your toes, putting your feet out, for about 30 seconds. Repeat walking on the toes, pointing your feet inward. Then take a break then repeat two to four times the exercise.

Toes curled up
In order to best perform this exercise, provide yourself with a chair and a towel. Lay the towel on the floor, at the foot of the chair. Sit down then grab the towel with your toes, those of the right foot, and scrunch it over and over. Finally, try to lift it with your foot. Repeat the exercise with your left foot and then with both feet.

The raised heel
Stand up straight in front of a chair and put your left leg on it. Then, gently bend your right leg, go down then go back up. Repeat this ten times and do the same with the other leg, making sure to keep your feet well aligned with your body.

The anterior tibia
Get an elastic band and a chair to do this exercise. First, sit down and place the elastic on your right foot toes. Then, stretch your right leg and push with your toes, pulling slightly with the elastic, while your left leg remains bent. Release then repeat a dozen times and repeat the operation by changing legs.

Circles with ankles
To perform the exercise of the circles with the ankles, you will need a yoga mat. Lie on your back and bring your bent knees up to your body. Then hold your legs with your arms and then make circles with your ankles, starting from the left to the right and vice versa.
The Secret To Getting Rid Of Back Pain Is In Your Feet