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Spray Alcohol In Your Bed, It's Great For Your Health

Spray Alcohol In Your Bed, It's Great For Your Health

Alcohol is commonly used to disinfect wounds. The solution can be declined in several uses for the house but also for the maintenance of the body. Deodorant or anti-insect, alcohol can be convenient and replace several products. Here are 11 practical tips to try with alcohol.

Used to remove adhesive substances or to disinfect, alcohol is a practical solution. Did you know that this liquid could also fight against lice? If you read the following lines, you will know about other possible uses for alcohol.

In replacement of the deodorant
If you are out of deodorant, do not panic. Alcohol can help if you forget it or just if there are no more. You can simply apply alcohol under your armpits using a cotton swab. This solution will eliminate the bacteria responsible for the bad smell. Be careful not to get into the habit of using this system D because alcohol can irritate the skin if it is used too often.

Eliminate bed bugs
Eliminating bed bugs can be very delicate. Alcohol can dislodge these animals that can penetrate your bedding. To remedy this, simply put alcohol in a spray and spray. Spray the liquid on the mattress and pillows and repeat this procedure until you eliminate the insects.

Eliminate lice
Alcohol can be an effective remedy if you have lice. For that, it is enough to fill a spray of alcohol and a few drops of essential oil of lavender. Insist on your scalp and roots when you spray the product. Remove lice by combing hair with a rag comb that you can buy at a pharmacy.

Remove the nail polish
Solvent contains many chemicals that can be dangerous to nail health. Alcohol can be a good alternative to remove the polish. It will take longer than a conventional solvent but it will keep your nails from acetone, a product that can be dangerous.

Clean your glasses
The glasses get dirty quickly. Dust, mist, nothing can obstruct your view. Alcohol is a good solution for maintaining your glasses. For this you just need to sprinkle an alcohol cloth and clean the glasses gently.

Clean your phone
Did you know that your phone is very exposed to bacteria and can cause skin problems? It is essential to maintain it to prevent germs from moving on your skin. Scrubbing the screen of your phone with a little alcohol at least once a week can avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Remove ink stains
Ink stains on the fabric can be difficult to remove. Do not panic, sprinkle some alcohol on the stain before washing. The stain should disappear thanks to this trick.

Remove the permanent marker
To remove the permanent mark of wood or slate, alcohol can be a solution. You will need a cloth and a little alcohol. Then, rub the surface concerned, the marker should disappear.

Remove a sticker
Removing a sticker with your fingers is not easy. To save time and avoid damaging your nails, you can use alcohol. Spray the sticker with alcohol and let it work for 10 minutes. You can then gently peel it off as the alcohol removes the sticky substances from the paper.

Remove stains from the microfiber fabric
The microfiber fabric is delicate and once a stain is embedded it can stay for a long time. Fortunately, alcohol can act as a cleanser. It can dislodge the stain from the fabric very easily if you soak a tissue that will rub on the soiled area.
Spray Alcohol In Your Bed