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Here Are The Worst Defects Of Each Astrological Sign

Here Are The Worst Defects Of Each Astrological Sign

We often know our qualities but a little less our faults. And if we believe the stars, our faults vary according to our sign of the zodiac! This hidden face of us may well be the cause of a missed appointment, the failure of a professional collaboration or the inability to maintain a relationship of friendship. It's time to know your fears to prevent them from infiltrating your daily life!

Do not blame your month of birth, to each his share of the cake!

Aries must always be the boss
You simply can not be a team player unless your role on the team is the head coach. The truth is that Aries still likes to be number 1 and does not accept another place. The good thing is that Aries is energetic and can make a good leader!

Taurus is lazy
Taurus is the most lazy sign of the zodiac, indeed he is not at all tempted by success. He can spend the whole day watching series on his couch without getting bored. For him it is the safest thing he can do because deep down he is not motivated by change!

Gemini can not keep a secret
People of this sign simply can not shut up, but this is not always done on purpose. As soon as they are engaged in a juicy conversation, they can not help but disclose sensitive details. This defect can cost them the loss of the trust of the most expensive people!

Cancer is morose
Inside this hard shell is a spongy body that bears no criticism, even if it is useful. Cancer takes everything personally, whether it has something to do with them or not. This increased sensitivity greatly irritates their daily lives!

The Leo must always be in the spotlight
A Leo can not control his ego, he always needs to be the center of attention. In his personal or professional life, this trait can become annoying because it is so pervasive that there is no room for others to feel crushed.

The Virgo is critical
People of this sign are just not good at letting things go. Highlighting all these inconsistencies and tiny imperfections is their specialty. It's probably a little helpful if you're the kind of person who can not go out in a messy bun but sometimes you just want to live freely without restraint.

Libra can not handle stress
The native of Libra just wants to love and be loved, but hates the confrontation that makes coexistence difficult in a serious relationship and will often repress things to the point of collapse. If things explode and take a dramatic turn, know that this native has accumulated from the beginning and did not seek to find solutions.

Scorpion is a venomous snake
The natives of this sign are masters of extremely possessive manipulation. They have an intoxicating air of danger that attracts people. They may look charming outside, but inside they are venomous, especially if they feel a hint of disloyalty.

Sagittarius does not ask for help
A Sagittarius is independent, dedicated and motivated. He will fall again and again because he is convinced that he does not need anyone. We do not like to see an obstinate person fail several times because she can not ask for a hand!

Capricorn is your best enemy
This sign manages to climb the social ladder and to excel in its field. Although this is done at the expense of real relationships, the Capricorn does not care! The important thing is that he is at the top even if he is alone.

Aquarius is too smart
Aquarius natives are intelligent and innovative, they often do not understand why they have to archive and classify administrative documents in the air of smartphones. At work, they can appear as rebel profiles and who do not respect the hierarchy!

Pisces is not reliable
People of this sign have irresponsible and unpredictable behavior. When everything depends on their decision, they will change their mind at the last moment. They are far from reliable!
Worst Defects Of Each Astrological Sign