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How To Free You From Toxic Relationships

How To Free You From Toxic Relationships

It must have happened to you at least once to rethink your past attachments. These memories can affect you to such an extent that you feel chills because they rekindle all the pain that makes you so feverish. You only have to close your eyes so that these thoughts haunt your spirit again and that you seek to get rid of them to finally heal the wounds of the past, as our colleagues from the Psy magazine underline.

"Why are things going that way? "
This is the question you ask yourself while you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, you try to breathe deeply to overcome this feeling of discomfort. Your mind keeps coming back memories of your old partners, paralyzing your mind and preventing it from focusing on anything else.

You have trouble breathing
The wounds of the past with your heart covered have done much to make you a strong person, but yet you never felt so fragile. So much so that every tear becomes uncontrollable and runs through your cheeks without you being able to do anything.

It is at this point that you will find that you really need to perform an "emotional cleansing" of cutting once and for all those negative etheric cords that vampirise your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

An etheric cord is, by definition, an energetic link that is connected to different chakras. And what needs to be understood is that we naturally form etheric cords with everyone who is close to us. These links serve as channels of communication and are not necessarily negative, they can in this case convey well-being as well as positive emotions.

Otherwise, the negative waves remain in the cord and can keep you prisoner of the past, totally unable to move forward.

Some symptomatic elements of a negative emotional connection

- Recurring memories of conversations you had with specific people
- Your mind seems to be still in dispute with the person
- The idea of ​​returning with your ex-partner brushes your mind quite often despite the toxicity of the relationship
- Reshaping the events of the past keeps you awake and affects the quality of your sleep
- The desire to take revenge and the feeling of injustice haunt you
- You have a hard time not thinking about this person
- You remember regularly some offensive words
- The memory of some places related to your past moves you
- You often tend to cry

How to put an end to this etheric cord?

1. Write a letter to the person with whom you want to cut that emotional connection
2. Close your eyes by spelling out the full name of the person
3. Read the letter aloud as if it were in front of you
4. Burn the letter
5. Place your hands on your heart and whisper these words: "I'm freeing myself from you, I'm no longer emotionally attached to you".

During the next few days, you will find that the memories of this person will try again to haunt you, so your duty is to say "no" and to refuse to fall back into the bad times of the past. Only in this way will you succeed in gradually getting rid of this harmful emotional hold that will have for a long time made your life worse.

So do not hesitate to cut everything that binds you with the people who have wronged you. Freedom awaits you, you deserve to be free from the pain and negativity of these destructive attachments in order to finally be the person you have always wanted to become.
Toxic Relationships