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Old Lemon Recipe To Eliminate Parasites And Body Fat

Old Lemon Recipe To Eliminate Parasites And Body Fat

Are you overweight and want to get rid of your extra pounds? You started a healthy diet and you just put yourself to sport? Your efforts will soon be fruitful. But if you want to boost your weight loss and eliminate all the toxins and parasites in your body, this natural remedy is for you. You only need two ingredients to make it: lemon and celery.

Weight gain does not only affect our physical appearance but can cause various chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and others.

To remedy this, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle by adopting a balanced diet to fight against the extra pounds but also eliminate waste and parasites that can hinder the burning of fat. Indeed, when we adopt a diet high in sugar and industrial foods, we promote the proliferation of bacteria and parasites.

The latter are pathogens that elect domicile in our body, called host. They develop during all or part of the life cycle of the organ in which they were formed. These can materialize in the form of verses. There are different types of pests classified into three major groups: protozoa, metazoans and arthropods. Oral, pulmonary or bloodstream (mosquito bite), these pathogens can contaminate the body and lead to serious parasitic diseases such as malaria. Symptoms related to this disease can be diarrhea, abdominal attacks or dysentery syndrome. It is important to follow its signs because parasitosis can lead to hepatitis or intestinal obstruction.

To find a healthy weight and eliminate these parasites, here is a natural remedy based on lemon and celery. It is easy to prepare.

  • 1 kg of organic lemons
  • 400 grams of fresh celery
  • 2 liters of water
Grate the lemons to get the zest. Then squeeze them and put their juice aside. Cook the zests of lemons and celery sliced ​​in water for at least 20 minutes. Out of the heat, add the juice then filter. Your drink is ready.

You can drink 1 glass of this mixture before each meal for a week.

Benefits of lemon
Lemon, with its detoxifying properties, can eliminate parasites from the body. According to this study on malaria, lemon effectively reduces the presence of the parasite in the body. Rich in vitamin C, these citrus fruits have cleansing and purifying properties that can reduce the presence of these pathogens. According to scientists, lemon has burn-fat properties. It is thanks to the polyphenols present in the citrus fruits that an action is exerted on the glucose transport and the metabolism of the lipids leading to a elimination of the fats. Pectin and vitamin C contained in lemon are valuable nutrients for fat burning and the fight against obesity. Citrus fruit has other benefits as it is also an anti-aging food, a tonic and has a boosting power on the energy and the immune system.

Benefits of celery
Celery is also effective in the fight against bodily parasites. Thanks to its high hydrochloride content, scientists have proven in experiments that the plant is effective in controlling pests. Another advantage and not least: celery has virtues against the accumulation of fat and can accelerate your metabolism. By accelerating the metabolism, the plant facilitates weight loss, eliminates toxins and thus removes the risk of disease. Its high water content makes it a very moisturizing and dietary food: it is composed of 95% water which also allows it to fight against obesity and fight against bad fats. Other benefits of this vegetable: its important anti-oxidant properties also for weight loss.

Be careful, before starting any cure or detox, it is necessary to seek the advice of your doctor. Choose a good diet and enough exercise to prevent weight gain.

Celery has a low allergenicity, so be aware of your body's reactions by consuming it.

If you suffer from stomach ulcers, biliary disorders or kidney problems, you should not consume lemon.
Lemon Recipe To Eliminate Parasites And Body Fat