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Soak Your Feet Once A Week In This Vinegar Bath To Treat These 4 Health Problems

Soak Your Feet Once A Week In This Vinegar Bath To Treat These 4 Health Problems

Callosities, bad smells, fungal infections and nail infections, the enemies of our feet stop at nothing to impose themselves in our lives. Real nightmare when they are not treated, these can cause a daily discomfort difficult to ignore. Fortunately, some remedies are available to all and ask you only a few minutes per week to demonstrate their effectiveness!

A favorite ingredient in natural tricks, apple cider vinegar is the essential ally for finding soft, healthy feet. In addition, its virtues are innumerable and can cure a multitude of ailments that extend from the root of your hair to your little toes!

Discover how its use once a week can cure the following 4 disorders:

Fungus feet
Also known as "athlete's foot", foot fungus is an infection that usually affects the nails as well as the regions between the toes. Due to fungi (dermatophytes) that proliferate especially in moist and moist areas, it leads to redness, fissures and itching in the skin. Besides, you will notice that your feet sometimes whiten, becoming harder and slightly swollen.

Very common infection, foot fungus develops in a relatively simple way because it only needs heat and moisture to settle. Indeed, locking our feet in shoes all day long is a hard-to-avoid condition, hence the prevalence of this disorder in 20 to 25% of individuals in the world. In addition, the skin of our feet contains a lot of keratin, essential protein for the fungi responsible for this disorder.

For this purpose, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of apple cider vinegar are of great help. Moreover, its virtues would have been recognized by Hippocrates who used it combined with honey to fight infections and protect open wounds.

Bad smells
Locking up your feet all day long can be accompanied by unpleasant odors, which can easily become a nuisance on a daily basis. Indeed, many factors intervene when it comes to bad scents, including the action of wearing the same shoes every day or perspiration problems. As explained by NHS UK, sweating is the main cause of foul odors, and it usually occurs when the shoes worn are too tight, the person suffers from severe stress or hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Faced with this problem, apple cider vinegar is a powerful natural ally. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it eliminates odors effectively so you can find fresh and odorless feet.

Nail fungus
Similar to foot fungus, it occurs when athlete's foot is not treated in time and can be difficult to fight. As explained by The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, the treatment can last several months due to the slow growth of the nails. In addition, this mystery (also known as onychomycosis) generally affects the big toe and is characterized by yellowish discoloration, brittle nails, abnormal thickness and a change of shape of the latter.

For this purpose, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar are an effective natural remedy. According to scientists, topical application of this ingredient to infected nails could help fight fungal infections.

Calluses and dry feet
According to Patricia Bragg, author and health consultant, apple cider vinegar helps soften the skin by reducing calluses and corns on the feet. In her book Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System, she advises to soak feet them in a bath for twenty minutes, before wiping with a large towel and rub gently with a pumice. Once this maneuver is complete, it is necessary to moisturize and put on socks to get smooth feet.

For your foot bath, always dilute the apple cider vinegar with water at a rate of half a cup of vinegar for 2 cups of water. If the smell of the mixture is too strong, do not worry, it will dissipate as soon as you have dry feet. You can also add essential oils if you want a more pleasant smell.

For any problem of feet in people with diabetes, baths based on apple cider vinegar are not recommended because they could worsen their condition.
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