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Addicted To Energy Drinks, His Tongue 'Eaten Away'  Because Of Chemicals

Addicted To Energy Drinks, His Tongue 'Eaten Away' Because Of Chemicals

The dangers of energy drinks have been on the agenda for years. And yet, still today many people suffer the negative consequences. In Australia, a man saw his tongue completely eaten after drinking this type of drink. He shared his picture on social media and took the opportunity to make an emergency call based on an article from Metro.

It may be pleasant from time to time to enjoy the effects of an energy drink, but we must not ignore that the amount of chemicals, sugar and stimulants contained in this kind of drink is very strong and that it may have disastrous consequences.

If you are not convinced by the danger of these products, the story of Dan Royals should make you change your mind. This school teacher has published a photo on Facebook, on the group Get It Off Your Chest, of his language where we can see considerable damage. According to his doctor, this damage would be caused by the consumption of energy drinks.

In his Facebook post, Dan sent this message: "Who drinks energy drinks? Addicted to her? You should think twice. He added, "Take a look at the second photo ... .. what that shit does to your tongue, imagine what it looks like inside your body"

He then explained on his consumption: "Until recently, when it started to happen, I drank at least 5 to 6 drinks a day and I brushed my teeth every day. I went to the doctor and boom! I discover that it is the chemicals contained in these drinks that caused this damage ... It eat up your tongue completely. "

"So be careful, guys. To be clear, I really care about my oral health, but it's purely because of these drinks ... I smoke, but it has nothing to do with the state of my tongue. "

An official alert
Dan is not the first to warn about the dangers of energy drink abuse.

A 2014 study, conducted by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and published in Frontiers in public health, has already demonstrated the risks involved.

According to the researchers, the health risks associated with the consumption of energy drinks are mainly related to their caffeine content. Overdose of caffeine may cause palpitations, hypertension, dysentery, central nervous system stimulation, nausea, vomiting, marked hypocalcemia, metabolic acidosis, convulsions and, in rare cases, death.

A study in the United States has shown that dental caries can result from the acidic pH and high sugar content of products such as energy drinks.

Finally, another study has shown that the consumption of energy drinks can lead to tooth erosion and lead to cervical dentinal hypersensitivity.

It is therefore not surprising to think that the cause of the damage observed on Dan's tongue is due to the drinks (and quantity) that he has eaten.

Because of many doubts about energy drinks, some countries have already regulated access. In Norway, for example, the sale is limited to pharmacies and prohibited at least 15 years. Since 2008, the consumption of energy drinks is banned in schools.
Energy Drinks, His Tongue 'Eaten Away'