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How To Detoxify Your Organs And Lose Weight With Lemon And Tomato

How To Detoxify Your Organs And Lose Weight With Lemon And Tomato

In all environments, we are exposed to toxins. At home, in transport, in the street, these substances can cause some inconvenience. It can be difficult to avoid them on a daily basis, but some measures can eliminate them from the body. This is the case of detox treatments that purify the body of toxins and also help to lose weight.

When they have taken up residence in the body, toxins can be responsible for many dysfunctions and this can be observable: digestive disorders, dull complexion, tiredness, extra pounds, many are the signs that can alert of an accumulation of toxins in the body. body.

The toxins can have two different origins: external through the taking of drugs, the consumption of alcohol and tobacco as well as the unhealthy diet, and inner by the waste that the body makes itself. Initially, the body manages to rid itself of these substances through specific mechanisms. Thus, because of an unhealthy lifestyle, the body does not manage to eliminate everything, hence the interest of punctual detox treatments. Associated with a healthy diet and physical activity, they promote the elimination of waste and according to the chosen foods, to a weight loss.

To help you eliminate these harmful substances, nothing like a detox drink. This natural remedy contains foods that have several benefits and purifying virtues.

Benefits of tomato
With antioxidant and purifying properties, tomato is ideal to fight against the accumulation of toxins. Its consumption eliminates the toxins responsible for fatigue and several diseases. This food also allows their elimination via the urine because it is also a powerful diuretic.

Benefits of lemon
Containing a lot of antioxidants and fiber, lemon promotes weight loss by improving digestion, feeling full and eliminating toxins. Rich in vitamin C, it accelerates the metabolism, which burns fat more efficiently.

Benefits of ginger
Thanks to its thermogenic action, ginger provokes a sensation of heat (thermogenesis) ideal for burning fat and calories and offering a feeling of satiety. It is an ideal food in the case of a diet or for the maintenance of its silhouette.

Benefits of celery
Celery is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Diet and detox par excellence, it contains fibers that promote the feeling of satiety. With its diuretic properties, it eliminates toxins and effectively fight water retention.

Ingredients recipe detox:

· 1 cup of tomato juice
· Juice of 1/2 lemon
· 1 celery stalks
· 2 tablespoons grated ginger

Place the tomato juice, lemon juice and grated ginger in a blender and mix everything together. Serve in a tall glass and add the celery stalk. The preparation is to consume right away.

For best results, drink twice daily on an empty stomach for one week. To be done once or twice a year.

This drink is not recommended for people suffering from stomach ulcers, gastric reflux, kidney and bile disorders and pregnant women. Before starting a detox cure, take advice from a health professional.
Detoxify Your Organs And Lose Weight With Lemon And Tomato