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A Lemon Recipe To Clear Facial Spots And Have Glowing Skin

A Lemon Recipe To Clear Facial Spots And Have Glowing Skin

Exposure to the sun, cosmetics chemicals and pollution can damage facial skin and cause stains that are difficult to remove. You have probably tried many creams and lotions to get rid of it but without success, look no further. We have for you a natural remedy to eliminate brown spots without drying your face, thanks to the lemon!

Brown spots on the face
Our skin produces a pigment called melanin that gives it its color. Under certain circumstances, this pigment is produced in excess, resulting in the appearance of dark spots. The most common cause of this overproduction is exposure to the sun. However, hormonal imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gastrointestinal disorders and stress can also lead to the formation of brown spots.

While beauticians and cosmetologists suggest many products and treatments to get rid of these brown spots, it is always better to opt for natural remedies. The advantage of homemade remedies is that they do not cause side effects and are cheap.

In this article we show you how to use lemon to effectively remove brown spots.

Benefits of lemon for the skin
Thanks to its natural acidity, lemon juice is an organic bleaching agent that, after prolonged use, can slowly reduce dark brown spots. It works by breaking down the pigmentation of melanin and limiting its overproduction. According to a study in the Netherlands, lemon extract is used in low concentrations in the preparation of certain products, known to lighten the skin.

Thus, the lemon brightens and illuminates the complexion, acts as an astringent, tones and eliminates the impurity of the skin. It is also an antiseptic agent.

Here are the best home remedies using lemon that you can try if you are bothered by brown spots that refuse to disappear.

Lemon juice
Squeeze a lemon into a bowl and soak a cotton pad, then pass it over your pimples and spots, and leave on for a few minutes, until the skin dries. Then, using a soft, clean towel wipe your face. Repeat the procedure once a day for 2 days, preferably in the evening, for best results.

You can also make a face mask with lemon juice, rice flour and honey and apply it to the facial skin once a day to treat acne and remove dark spots from your face. skin.

Slices of lemons
Cut a sliced ​​lemon and put them on your face, then rub them gently and gently on your face for 2 to 3 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water and let your skin rest. You can do the process once a week to make your skin shine.

Lemon mask and egg white
Break an egg and separate the white from the yolk, then whip it and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix well and apply the mixture on the skin of your face. Allow the mask to rest until it dries and then wash your face with warm water. This mask is to be applied once a week to have a glowing skin.

Benefits of egg white
The main nutritional component of egg white is protein. A large egg contains 3.6 grams of protein.

The protein has beneficial effects on the skin, by tightening and absorbing excess fat on the skin. The egg white also contains albumin that has toning properties for the skin and promotes skin without wrinkles.

Warnings :
It is not recommended to apply lemon a long time and in large quantities on the skin, as this can irritate it.

It is also recommended not to expose yourself to the sun directly after applying lemon to the skin because of its photosensitizing effect.
A Lemon Recipe To Clear Facial Spots And Have Glowing Skin