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How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of  2 Pounds Of Fat

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of 2 Pounds Of Fat

Unsatisfied with their weight, many people are looking for ways to lose weight as quickly as possible. But still find one that really works among the thousands of solutions available on the web. To help you take stock and achieve your goals, here's the trick of coach Lucy Knight to use daily walking as a fitness activity that promotes weight loss and general well-being.

Whatever the means of transportation we take, we always end up walking. Unfortunately, what many of us do not know or do not take into account is that walking has therapeutic properties for the heart, the respiratory system and weight.

So, to lose weight and optimize your health, it all starts by putting on your sportswear and a pair of comfortable sneakers. Nevertheless, as explained by the coach, do not confuse walk and miracle solution. Nothing is achieved in life without constant and regular efforts. Thus, discipline will be the key to your success. If you intend to start this new adventure using walking as a method of losing weight, build a steel mind and make a promise not to deviate from your goals.

Walking is good for your physical and mental health:
It is possible to burn calories, strengthen bones and gain muscle mass while walking. According to a study by Korean researchers of 43 obese women aged 40 to 55, walking as a regular activity for 12 weeks would have had a positive effect on the whole body. In particular, walking would have resulted in weight loss, increased endurance, improved cardiac activity and reduced bad cholesterol levels.

In addition, it is not just about physical health. According to an article published by The Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Psychiatry, walking moderately for 30 minutes at a rate of 3 times a week would be able to improve sleep quality, increase energy and libido, improve reduce stress and improve mood. Thus, it seems clear that walking works on both physical and mental health.

How much do you have to walk to lose weight?
  • For 2 hours of walking, you will lose 416 calories
  • For 3 hours of walking, you will lose 624 calories
  • For 4 hours of walking, you will lose 834 calories
  • For 10 hours of walking, you will lose 2079 calories 

It would take 231 grams X 4 to lose 2 Pounds, or 40 hours of walking. During the month, you will have to walk 1 hour and 20 minutes a day to lose 2 Pounds!

Some useful tips
Losing weight through walking will impose a new way of life. It will be beneficial to you to give up sedentary lifestyle by developing healthier habits, namely:

- Give priority to walking to work when possible.

- Do your shopping on foot

- Walk when you have free time, even if it's only about ten minutes.

- Privilege stairs to lifts

- Park your car far from your destination so you have time to walk.

Apart from all these tips, it will be convenient to schedule walking days with your friends, your partner or alone at least 3 times a week or at least once a week. During these walks, you will need a large bottle of water, a hat in case of sun and a stopwatch.

How walk help lose weight?
According to Lucy Knight, if you want to lose weight while walking, it is important to practice "brisk walking". The coach recommends a minimum distance of 1 Mille,  the equivalent of about 2000 steps in 10 to 15 minutes to obtain concrete results. Thus, depending on your activity you can maintain this pace either in one activity or by distributing this number of steps during the day. Then, when you get used to it, you will progress to 30 minutes for 3 km per day.

However, walking after several years without physical activity can be difficult. To help you, remember that "there is no point in running, you have to go to the point". Start slowly, according to your rhythm and increase the effort gradually. NHS UK recommends listening to music to distract the mind from the effort. It also helps to find a suitable rhythm to follow and stick to during the activity.
Get Rid Of  2 Pounds Of Fat