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How Many Calories You Have To Eat A Day To Lose Weight

How Many Calories You Have To Eat A Day To Lose Weight

Metabolism is a unique and unique tool for all of us. It determines our corpulence, our biological rhythm of sleep, the speed of aging of our cells, but also the way in which our body burns or assimilates the calories that we ingest every day.

To slim down, it is necessary to know how much energy our body needs to function well according to several factors, but also what would be the best alternative to lose weight without subjecting our body to an irreversible shock.

What is basic metabolism?

Basic metabolism determines the energy needs your body needs to function optimally. It is the metabolism that is responsible for converting the food that is consumed in energy and storing it or not in the form of fat in the body.

But know that metabolism occurs even when you are at rest.

Your body constantly needs energy to breathe, sleep, think or dream. He also needs energy to perform the physical functions of blood circulation, hormone regulation and cell repair.

Basic metabolism and caloric requirements:
We often hear some women complain: "In my family, we tend to grow more easily", "my metabolism is much too slow" or "every time I eat fat, my body stores the surplus and I get fat" .

There are indeed factors that slow down metabolism such as thyroid, genetics, hormones but also diet and lifestyle in general.

That said, it is commonly accepted that men and women do not have the same caloric needs. An inactive man would need to consume 2100 calories daily while an inactive woman would need to ingest 1800 calories a day to provide her body with the energy it needs to carry out its functions.

Technique to calculate your metabolism
Although it is commonly prescribed to consume a certain number of calories according to the gender of the person, this method seems wrong because it fails to take into account many essential factors. Beyond gender, nuances are needed to assess the needs of each person.

The factors that determine the basic metabolism are:

- Age
Young people have more muscles than older people. As you get older, fats become easier to get into the body at the expense of muscle mass.

-  Size
Tall people burn more calories at meals than those who are average or smaller.

- Gender
It is estimated that men have more muscle mass than women, hence the fact that men require a higher daily caloric quota for women.

- The weight
According to genetics, the body weight of each human being is regulated in a natural way to respond to the mechanisms of functioning of different organs.

These factors have made it possible to set up a very effective method for evaluating basal metabolism. Entitled equation Mifflin St Jeor, this technique is obtained by the following calculation:

For a man without sports activity: 10 x weight (in kilograms) + 6.25 x height (in centimeters) - 5 x age (in years) + 5

For a woman without sports activity: 10 x the weight (in kilograms) + 6.25 x the height (in centimeters) - 5 x the age (in years) - 161

Slow down with the Mifflin St Jeor equation:
By measuring your basal metabolic rate, you can achieve your goals of weight loss or weight gain without harming your health. Instead of trying to reduce the calories consumed by making wacky diets, be sure to increase your metabolism to slim down effectively without compromising your health.

Do sports and most importantly, bodybuilding
Since muscle mass burns more calories than fat, go for an activity that combines cardio and strength training. With the cardio, you will spend, lose fat and lose weight on the scale. With bodybuilding, you will increase your basal metabolism, draw your figure and burn more calories at rest. Combining the two 3 to 4 times a week proves to be an unbeatable slimming ally!

Enjoy healthy meals while eating to your heart's content
If diets often cause the famous yo-yo effect, it's because you reduce your calories to force your body to fall into excess! You should never consume less than the calories needed for your basal metabolism. You can choose to opt for homemade pizza with buckwheat dough, spinach, mushrooms and homemade sauce instead of a pizza stuffed with additives that you do not know about.

Escape the stress
Stress makes you fat, it's well known. When you are anxious, your body is disturbed and does not perceive in a proper way the signals of hunger and satiety that the brain communicates to you. Stop mulling and go out! Do yoga, walk and escape the negative waves as much as possible. Your weight will thank you.
Many Calories You Have To Eat A Day To Lose Weight