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The 3 Signs Of The Zodiac To Whom You Can Trust

The 3 Signs Of The Zodiac To Whom You Can Trust

Communication is essential to maintain balance and intelligibility in our lives. It's the way we understand others and the way we try to make sense of our thoughts. Thus, if we do not communicate clearly and directly with others, we will not understand them and we will never be understood. In this sense, listening is an active process. Indeed, to understand a point of view in an efficient way, it is important to show an interest and a sincere concern to its statements. In this article, discover the three signs of the zodiac that know how to demonstrate this faculty.

Listening carefully is a lot harder than most people think. Indeed, in all conversations, there is always one person who speaks and another who listens. But does the listener really listen every time?

In reality, active listening aims to assimilate information and to understand a person or a situation. So it's making a conscious decision to hear what people are saying. It is therefore about being totally focused on others, their words and the aim of their words.

How to be a good listener?
You will understand, hearing and listening are two completely different things. Also, many of us make mistakes by listening to others. Yet, there is nothing like an interactive listener to increase positive feelings and decrease negative emotions in the speaker. Unfortunately, most of the time, when people think they are listening, they are more anxious to be heard and to express their point of view in order to validate their assumptions. As a result, listening is a skill, which means that it is quite possible to work on it and practice it.

Here are some tips for learning to listen to others:

Be sure to understand what is said
Many people do not manage to express their thoughts clearly, so you have to know how to unravel the sinuosities of their words. And when you can not understand something important, do not hesitate to have your caller repeat.

Notice the unspoken ones
Take the example of a first appointment. If the person in front of you is talking about more work than personal relationships, it can be very informative about the personality and the experience of your interlocutor.

Pay attention to body language
Body language can sometimes say a lot more than words. The face, the voice or the gestures can be particularly revealing on the way of thinking.

Think before answering
Once the speaker has finished speaking, it is a good idea to take the time to think before answering. Just take a few seconds. This makes the speaker feel that what he has said deserves reflection, and that you are not just waiting for him to finish.

Determine when it is wise to interrupt
Interrupting a person can be particularly difficult because the speaker feels invalid. However, sometimes interruptions are justified. Indeed, when you are dealing with people who are lost in their grief. Stopping them to try to temper can help them put the situation into perspective.

3 zodiac signs that make the best listeners

1- Virgo
Endowed with an uncommon analytical mind and attention to detail, you are an excellent listener and have the ability to solve problems. Of all the signs of the zodiac, you are the one to whom people like to turn to confide their sorrows. You have the ability to help people get to the bottom of things, identify barriers and develop plans to overcome them. You are not inclined to emotions, but you manage to push people to their limits so that they can get out of the worst situations.

2- Libra
You have a sense of negotiation which makes you an excellent mediator. When people have a problem with a third person, it's always up to you to come for advice. As a sign of balance, justice and equity, you can work with others to find the best possible compromise. You have a natural talent to listen to all aspects of history without judgment and to make both parties open to new perspectives to solve the problem.

3- Scorpio
There is no better sign of the zodiac to keep a secret. You are fascinated by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of others, and you have a passion for the richest dramas and details in history. The more extreme the problem, the more you can be sure of having your full attention. However, you do not listen for the sole purpose of entertaining yourself, you know the value of a secret and try to come up with innovative, if unorthodox, solutions to help others.
Signs Of The Zodiac To Whom You Can Trust