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17 Detox Water Recipes To Lose Weight Naturally

17 Detox Water Recipes To Lose Weight Naturally

If after trying a lot of diets, the despair begins to peek up the nose, rest assured, weight loss and frustration do not necessarily go hand in hand. By acting wisely, it is possible to incorporate flavor into your daily life while promoting the elimination of pounds that seem to no longer want to leave you. By combining hydration and freshness, you will offer your body a concentrate of nutrients for a slimness challenge raised hands down!

Nature is full of ingredients beneficial to your health and this, the followers of the nutrition understood it well. By focusing on the properties of fruits and vegetables for example, they have been able to put in place many simple recipes to integrate into your daily life. Here are 17 that besides delighting your taste buds, promote the detoxification of the body and weight loss.

Detox water: Instructions for use

Depending on the recipe that's right for you, it's best to buy organic ingredients to avoid pesticide residues.

The procedure for preparing a detox water is very simple. For the following ingredients: apple, ginger, lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and kiwi, it is advisable to slice them before adding them to a large carafe of water. The recommended amount for each recipe depends on your preferences but as a general rule, a whole fruit for 1.5 liters of water is a reasonable measure.

As for berries and herbs, you can add them all in your preparation, making sure to wash them properly beforehand. If you opt for apple and cinnamon detox water, a spoonful of spice will be ample.

Mother Nature: an inexhaustible source of riches

Fruits and vegetables
In periods of excess or to give a boost to the body, detox waters are known for their soft and natural action. When they are fruity or they contain vegetables, they redoubled efficiency because beyond their moisturizing action, they also enjoy the health benefits of their ingredients. So by adding lemon with antioxidant properties or grapefruit renowned for its slimming action, you combine detox and weight loss with a single recipe!

Indeed, the action "detox" which consists of fighting toxins accumulated in the body can only be strengthened in the presence of natural ingredients and rich in nutrients. Consoglobe returns to the benefits of fruits and vegetables to cleanse the body and highlights the importance of their low energy density and the volume they occupy in the stomach. A great asset to promote satiety during a detox cure. In addition, when their potassium concentration is high and their sodium level is low, they act as diuretics and therefore promote the elimination of waste.

Herbs and spices
In infusion or detox water, herbs and spices provide additional help to achieve your slimming goals. Cinnamon in this case, would promote a thermogenic action and at the same time, the metabolism of lipids. Aromatic plants are also good for the body. Marie Claire highlights the benefits of celery for example, known for its draining action of the digestive system or ginger, to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and optimize digestion.

17 recipe ideas to vary the pleasures.

1.Detox lemon, cucumber and grapefruit

2.Detox with lemon and ginger

Lemon and ginger detox water - 11 calories

3.Detox with blueberries and orange

4.Detox with watermelon

5.Detox with pineapple

6.Detox with raspberry and mint

7.Detox with apple and lemon

Burn-fat detox drink

8.Detox with aloe vera

Home Detox - Prepare your water with aloe vera

9.Detox with strawberries

10.Detox with blueberries and lavender

11. Detox lemonade

The surprising detox lemonade

12.Detox with strawberries and basil

Flat belly detox water

13.Detox with strawberries and lemon

Lemon and strawberry detox water

14.Detox with strawberries and kiwi

15.Detox with blackberries and sage

Blackberries and sage

16.Detox with apples and cinnamon

Cinnamon Apple Detox - Drink for Metabolism

17.Detox with blueberries, orange and lavender