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Calculate Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age, Your Morphology And Your Height

Calculate Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age, Your Morphology And Your Height

Flat belly, thighs refined, firmer figure, these are the goals that most people set when they want to lose weight. Unfortunately, they also tend to forget that each morphology is different and that, therefore, it is essential to take into consideration these personal factors that distinguish us from each other, especially when we decide to get rid of pounds in too much.

You must have noticed, we are not all equal in the face of nature, and especially in front of our body. We all have this friend who does not stop eating, but who does not take a kilo. And another who at the slightest gap during his lunch is left with beads that were not there the day before. Perhaps you recognize yourself in this description? This difference is explained by the different types of morphology that exist. Find out how to recognize yours and the formula for calculating your ideal weight.

Calculate Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age

Calculate your ideal weight based on your age

The ectomorphs are generally quite fine and long and are characterized by their very fast metabolism. Indeed, they have difficulty gaining weight, despite the amount of food ingested. A priori a blessing, this is not always advantageous, especially at the gym where they have some difficulty gaining muscle mass.

Generally with broad shoulders and a naturally muscular body, mesomorphic people have the fastest metabolism of the three types of morphology. In a sense, they are the lucky ones, because they take and lose weight quickly. Whether in fat or muscle, their body changes easily and without much effort.

Generally possessing a body and a round face, their bone structure is also more important than the other two types of morphology.

Endomorphs are people who get fat more easily, especially around the abdomen. They are very comfortable gaining muscle, but the loss of fat is very difficult. It is also for this reason that they must pay close attention to their diet.

Now that you know the 3 types of morphology, you should know that each individual is actually a mixture of 3 types. The somatotype model presented by psychologist William Sheldon is considered by many to be too simplistic. Indeed, each body evolves according to several factors, including the environment, stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc., although in most cases there will always be a type of dominant morphology.

Knowing him gives us an extra tool to understand how our body works. And so be able to have precise and realistic goals, and be able to act in consequence.

Calculation of your ideal weight

In order to calculate your ideal weight according to the type of morphology you have, we will use Creff's formula, developed by a French nutritionist and dietitian of the same name. Take out your calculators.

1- Normal morphology
If you have a normal morphology, that is to say that your type of morphology approaches that of a mesomorph, your ideal weight will follow the following formula:

Ideal weight = [Size (in inch) - 100 + Age (in years) / 10] * 0.9

2- Morphology Thin
If you have a fine morphology, and so your typical morphology is close to that of an ectomorph, your ideal weight will follow the formula:

Ideal weight = [Size (in inch) - 100 + Age (in years) / 10] * 0.81

3- Morphology wide
Finally, if you push a larger morphology closer to that of an endomorph, your ideal weight will follow the formula:

Ideal weight = [Size (in inch) - 100 + Age (in years) / 10] * 0.99

You now have all the tools to set realistic goals.