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Each Tooth Is Connected To An Organ And Each Pain Could Indicate A Health Problem

Each Tooth Is Connected To An Organ And Each Pain Could Indicate A Health Problem

Today, the link between body and mind is well established. But did you know the energy force that links each tooth to a specific organ? In fact, traditional medicine has put forward warning signals triggered by the teeth to signify a health problem. Caries, dental abscess or oral diseases are all symptoms that reveal a weakening or pathology of an organ of the human body.

Some people consider that teeth are full-fledged organs that do not impact the rest of the body. For them, pathologies affecting the oral sphere and especially the teeth must be treated without taking into consideration the other organs of the body. However, according to holistic dentistry, also called energetic dentistry, teeth have a direct link with all other bodily organs.

Each Tooth Is Connected To An Organ

Teeth would be closely related to body organs

The oral sphere has a strong energy. Indeed, each tooth would have its own means of receiving certain information from a specific organ. Thus, according to the doctor, dental lesions and organic pathologies are closely related.

How to know a pathology underlying dental pain?

Traditional medicine says that dental pain is never commonplace. For her, it is necessary to look for the origin of each affection that affects the oral cavity. Thus, our body would consistently send messages through various signals to signify a weakening or underlying pathology.

According to holistic dentistry, every dental pain indicates a more significant problem:

- Upper or lower incisor pain may indicate kidney, bladder, reproductive organ or lymphatic system disease.

- Molar pain may reveal problems such as anemia, stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal disorders, bladder infection, rheumatism, breast disease or inflammation of the pancreas.

- Pain in the wisdom teeth may be a sign of high blood pressure, heart disease, neurons, liver or intestines.

A healthy lifestyle to prevent various diseases
We can not say it enough: "prevention is better than cure". Indeed, the oral sphere contains mechanoreceptor tissues, directly related to the organs of the human body.

Thus, to guard against all pathologies that can hinder your well-being, it is necessary to pay special attention to your teeth. Pain should allow you to assess other possible physical symptoms. In addition, oral hygiene is essential to prevent disease. In addition, take care of your body in its entirety by adopting a healthy lifestyle in everyday life.