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The Flat Stomach Diet Can Easily Burn 6 Pounds In 7 Days

The Flat Stomach Diet Can Easily Burn 6 Pounds In 7 Days

Refine your figure, improve your health and feel lighter are the main arguments behind a slimming resolution. However, losing weight does not always lead to the desired shape, stubborn abdominal fat is a major obstacle in the absence of a suitable diet and sports activity. With motivation to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle and this 7 day diet, you can expect to lose up to 3 Kilos.

Called visceral fats or belly fats, these are the hardest fats to eliminate as part of a weight loss project. It is important to understand how they develop and the factors that contribute to them.

Flat Stomach Diet

Belly Fat: what is it?
These are deposits of fat in the abdomen. Desiring a flat stomach is not just a wish for appearance, but a guarantee of improved health. Indeed, a storage of visceral fats in excess is a risk factor for several diseases, including diabetes, cholesterol, arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, as Florence Rossi, head of the dietary units at Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals. You can detect their accumulation by measuring your waist: it should not exceed 80 centimeters for women and 94 cm for men.

Causes of belly fat

When some causes are easily identifiable, others are less obvious. Here, mainly, what causes fat storage in the abdomen:

A sedentary lifestyle: It is clear that a healthy lifestyle requires physical exercise or an activity leading to energy expenditure. A study from the University of Liverpool showed that two weeks of inactivity increased fat storage and promoted the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes.
Stress: It is true that in times of stress, some people develop compulsive mechanisms of nutrition. A fatty dish confers a temporary sensation of well-being. But this is not the main danger of stress. When exposed to a stressful situation, the adrenal glands release cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone. This prompts you to take foods in larger amounts and promotes the storage of fat in the abdomen.

Poor diet: A diet low in protein and fiber is one of the main reasons behind the development of belly fat.

Lack of sleep: Increasingly put forward, lack of sleep would be relative to obesity and even have an impact on the development of fat.

To eliminate them, here is a 7-day diet that, combined with regular physical activity, will finally allow you to find a flat stomach:

Day 1

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with asparagus and broccoli steamed.
Lunch: Chicken breast with peppers and fresh cucumber
Dinner: Grilled salmon seasoned with lemon juice, green beans

Day 2
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a whole wheat slice
Lunch: Grilled turkey breast with cucumber salad
Dinner: 50 g of cottage cheese and a glass of almond milk

Day 3
Breakfast: Omelette with three egg whites and steamed carrots
Lunch: A baked chicken breast and a green bean salad
Dinner: Salmon baked with cottage cheese and green vegetables

Day 4
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a cup of blueberries
Lunch: Grilled fish fillet and grilled zucchini with herbs
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and asparagus.

Day 5
Breakfast: Guinoa and shrimp with garlic
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli
Dinner: Green vegetable soup and baked sweet potato

Day 6
Breakfast: a bowl of homemade granola, a whole wheat sandwich with ricotta, green tea
Lunch: Chicken schnitzel and grated raw cabbage salad
Dinner: Grilled tofu with steamed Brussels sprouts

Day 7
Breakfast: Omelette with three egg whites and steamed carrots
Lunch: Grilled tofu with steamed Brussels sprouts
Dinner: Caesar salad seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice

It is strongly advised to seek medical advice before starting any type of diet to assess your state of health.