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Here Is How To Have Unlimited Lemons From Lemon Seeds

Here Is How To Have Unlimited Lemons From Lemon Seeds

Lemon, this citrus with multiple benefits, is now known to all. It has the advantage among others, to be an antibacterial, to support the liver or to promote weight loss. For these reasons, it is essential to keep it permanently at hand when needed. Also, why not cultivate it at home? In this article, we reveal a simple trick to grow a lemon tree at home, with only one of its seeds.

The benefits of lemon are well established and thanks to its juice mixed with warm water, it brings many health benefits.

benefits of lemon

The benefits of lemon

Thanks to vitamin C and flavonoids it contains, lemon promotes a significant protection of the body against various diseases.

1. Lemon fights against obesity
This is the citrus par excellence that allows weight loss, thanks to pectin is a fiber to increase satiety, but also polyphenols it contains. Indeed, according to a study, the antioxidants of lemon can fight against obesity and body fat.

2. Lemon supports the liver
Lemon helps to protect the liver and especially in case of excessive consumption of alcohol. To corroborate this fact, an in-vivo study has shown that citrus has hepatoprotective effects on liver lesions, manifested by ingestion of alcohol, thanks to the activity of the antioxidants it contains.

3. Lemon acts as a powerful antibacterial
The antibacterial activity of citrus, including lemon, would act according to this study on the proliferation of certain bacteria such as Lactobacillus curvatus, for example, which can be associated with a deterioration of food. Lemon essential oil is a good alternative to fight against germs.

4. Lemon reduces cholesterol
The richness of lemon vitamin C gives it the advantage of being effective in reducing LDL cholesterol. According to scientific research, a consumption of vitamin C supplements of at least 500 mg for 4 weeks could lead to a decrease in serum LDL cholesterol levels.

Thus, you will have as many reasons to have a lemon on hand that you can use daily and as needed. In this sense, it is quite possible for you to grow a biological lemon tree at home and at a slower pace.

How to proceed ?
  • Organic lemon seed
  • Potting soil
  • From a pot
  • Cellophane paper

1. Start by moistening the potting soil first.

2. Fill 3/4 the pot with the potting soil.

3. Cut a lemon, remove the largest seed and clean thoroughly, keeping it slightly moist.

4. Crunch a hole in the middle of the pot and plant the seed.

5. Recover this with the rest of the potting soil and sprinkle with a little water.

6. Cover the pot with breathable cellophane paper, which will keep the seed in heat and moisture at the same time so that it can germinate.

7. Keep the pot in a warm, sunny place, while ensuring a balance between moisture and heat.

Two weeks later, you will see the first shoot that will emerge from the soil. Following this, you can remove the cellophane paper and place your pot in a place well exposed to the sun, all day long. To take care of your lemon tree, you can feed it with a little organic fertilizer and water it properly.

Lemon is not recommended for burns, stomach ulcers or citrus allergies.