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"You Must Love Your Wife As You Want Your Daughter To Be Loved"

"You Must Love Your Wife As You Want Your Daughter To Be Loved"

"Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself". This quote says a lot about the vision of life that you should have and this also applies to parents facing their children. Indeed, parental dynamics serve as an example for the youngest, especially the little girls who unconsciously define their future relationships by observing the love and respect that unite their parents. In the absence of these two factors, the child who becomes a woman is likely to see her vision of the altered couple.

There are several hypotheses about this. According to American psychologist Dr. Jennifer Kromberg, there is an undeniable link between a father and his daughter, intrinsically linked to his perception of his future romantic relationships. Thus, whether she chooses a man similar to her father or completely the opposite of her personality, the link is undeniably present because it is her relationship growing up with this paternal figure that will push her to choose a man rather than a man. another.

Must Love Your Wife

Reproduction of a family model
Indeed, what a little girl observes at home is a model of romantic relationship and experience that she is likely to reproduce in adulthood. Hence the importance of setting a good example. By favoring a respectful love and a united vision of the family, the father then transmits a healthy vision of the couple who can subsequently increase his child's self-esteem. This is essential during childhood because it is the perception that the latter will have of its own value that will allow him or her to choose the right partner. Thus, if she grows up in an unhealthy environment, she is likely to view this type of interaction as a norm in her future relationships. This psychic factor also contributes to his ambition, a key factor that applies just as much to little boys. Indeed, as Dr. Gail Gross, an expert in education, parenting and human behavior, explains, it is fathers who will shape their image of success and success in terms of the image that is returned in childhood.

How to share good values ​​with the child?

It is not always easy for parents to adopt the right behavior, and to adapt according to the age of the children. Here are some tips to better deal with them.

First, start by establishing a good relationship with your partner, allowing you to create a friendly atmosphere within your home. Then give them an education with solid values. During the preadolescence, listen to them and help them build their self-confidence. The memories of childhood remain marked in our memory forever and nothing is worth a balanced childhood.

Your children are the most expensive in your life, they are the fruit of your union with your soul mate. After all, they are like a sponge that absorbs your behaviors and reactions. Until the day when this sponge is filled, and will in turn be drained for a new generation absorbs what it will transmit them. Thus, fostering a soothing and positive atmosphere for children is the primary role of parents.

To conclude, dear dads, treat and love your wife as you would like your daughter to be, because you are the example that your children will follow once adulthood. Sow a good education and good values ​​and then reap their joy, their happiness, as well as their successes. Also, take full advantage with them of each period of their lives, as they grow up quickly and develop their personality from an early age.