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The Orange Diet And Eggs To Lose 8 Pounds In 15 Days

The Orange Diet And Eggs To Lose 8 Pounds In 15 Days

Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, a copious diet and little variety can quickly impact our silhouette and leave room for unsightly bulges. To regain weight quickly, it is essential to rethink your diet by focusing on dietetic foods with high nutritional value. This diet gives pride of place to the balance between proteins and fibers, to lose weight without compromising muscle mass. On the menu: oranges and eggs, foods recommended for their health benefits and their health benefits. We tell you more in our slimming point.

Orange Diet

An unhealthy lifestyle can quickly weigh on the scales and worsen our overweight as our metabolism slows down. To boost our weight loss, it is essential to focus on a healthy and balanced diet. Adapted food program, resumption of physical activity, monitoring of its progress, so many initiatives to resume its health in hand. This dietary program directs weight loss on the consumption of foods rich in fiber and protein and eliminates up to 8 kilos in 15 days.

The benefits of orange

Orange, your dietary ally

To boost weight loss, orange is a natural remedy. And for good reason, this citrus rich in fiber triggers the sensation of satiety essential to resist the cravings. Sip of vitamin C, the orange inhibits the rate of cortisol, a hormone responsible for the storage of fat, of the body. The conclusions of this in-vivo scientific experiment are formal: consumption of orange juice combined with a low-calorie diet modifies lipid metabolism and reduces the effects of obesity.

Orange, to preserve your youth capital
To fight against the signs of time, it is ideal to favor the consumption of these tasty and delicately sweet citrus fruits. And for good reason, oranges are full of antioxidants, essential substances to fight against the presence of free radicals and premature cell aging. Its vitamin C also helps to revive the production of collagen, a protein that strengthens the elasticity of skin and cartilage. According to this study, the consumption of these citrus fruits has proven anti-aging properties. Sufficient arguments to invite oranges more often in our smoothies!

Orange, to promote digestion
Transit difficult? It is therefore imperative to favor foods rich in fiber such as oranges. And because their organic acids stimulate the production of bile, a substance secreted by the liver that promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients. According to this study, the consumption of orange juice is an ideal reflex to fight against gastrointestinal disorders.

The benefits of the egg

The egg, your slimming partner
Despite its high calorie content (155 kcal), the egg is ideal for promoting weight loss. And for good reason, its proteins trigger the sensation of perfect satiety to resist the cravings. A protein breakfast is ideal not to indulge in snacks. According to this study, including eggs in one's diet helps to see a significant reduction in one's body mass index.

The egg, your cardiovascular ally
Rich in fatty acids, the egg is not a food to avoid to prevent cardiovascular disease. Its richness in "good cholesterol" acts by regulating the level of triglycerides, responsible for the lipid accumulation in the arterial ways. In fact, according to scientists, eating eggs would reduce the risk of stroke. A sufficient argument to favor continental breakfast!

How is my diet?
To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to obtain ingredients of biological origin. The diet recommends a slimming diet over 15 days. Here is the sequence of a typical week.

  • Breakfast: An orange, two rusks, a hot drink
  • Lunch: An orange, an omelet with herbs and cottage cheese, a Greek yogurt
  • Dinner: Scrambled eggs with tomato coulis and vinegar cucumber salad
  • Breakfast: An orange, a wholemeal wheat bread with avocado, a hot drink
  • Lunch: A baked chicken breast, a carrot salad
  • Dinner: A mushroom omelette with brown rice
  • Breakfast: An orange, blueberry yogurt with blueberries
  • Lunch: Fish and broccoli
  • Dinner: Nature scrambled eggs
  • Breakfast: A sugar free orange juice, an almond porridge
  • Lunch: An orange, Pasta with tomato coulis
  • Dinner: two boiled eggs, brown rice
  • Breakfast: Oranges salad with cinnamon, banana porridge
  • Lunch: Omelette with garlic and herbs, Greek yogurt
  • Dinner: a portion of brown rice, steamed green beans
This diet is low calorie, we do not recommend to follow it more than two weeks and more than twice a year. Also, before starting a slimming program, it is advisable to consult your doctor to assess your state of health.