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What Your Partner Needs To Feel Loved, Depending On His Or Her Personality Type

What Your Partner Needs To Feel Loved, Depending On His Or Her Personality Type

In love, each person has different expectations depending on his experience, his values ​​but especially his personality. According to Isabel Mysters, creator of the famous American psychological test "MBTI", there are 16 types of personality. To know how to meet the expectations of your loving partner, it is essential to determine your personality type.

Presented on several online platforms, the MBTI indicator helps to identify the character traits of each type of personality.

Feel free to take the psychological test with your spouse, to better understand his behavior and anticipate his expectations.

What Your Partner Needs To Feel Loved

Depending on the result obtained, here is the thing that each type of personality needs in his relationship, to feel loved and fulfilled within the couple:

INTJ and INFJ: Understanding
These two types of personality follow in the ideas. Insightful, they are original and reach their goals in a singular way. Indeed, they have their own principles that can sometimes be debated and criticized. To satisfy these partners in love, it will be necessary to listen to them and try to understand their logic. They know exactly what path to take and just need to be supported in their approach.

ENFPs and ENTPs: Trust
Highly enthusiastic, individuals with these types of personality perceive a wide range of possibilities. They are dynamic and can be unpredictable at times. What are they looking for? A good dose of confidence. They need a person who believes in them, who encourages them and sees the future with a positive and hopeful eye.

ESFPs and ESTPs: Admiration
ESFPs and ESTPs are both captivating. They like to show off by sharing their ideas and openness. Flexible, they adapt easily to new situations and are not afraid of change. This kind of personality needs to arouse the admiration of his / her darling and to be a true source of inspiration for him / her.

ESFJs and ENFJs: Recognition
Warm, these types of personality seek to live in harmony with others. Sensitive, they perceive strong emotions. In addition, they are faithful in their relationships and try to be present when needed. In fact, ESFJs and ENFJs need to be commended for their daily efforts. They need their partner to recognize their qualities so that they continue to reveal them.

ISFPs and INFPs: Acceptance
Playful, individuals who have these types of personality like to spread the joy and good mood around them. They do not hesitate to go out and enjoy the pleasures of life to flourish. Passionate, they live from day to day and have trouble coping with responsibilities. In love, they need their partner to be supportive and accept their way of leading their lives.

ISFJ and ISTJ: Valorization
Calm and caring, those who have these types of personality have moral principles that govern their lives. They are responsible and work effectively to achieve their goals. In their relationship, they need to be given priority and to feel that their loved one is ready to make many sacrifices for them.

ENTJ and ESTJ: Respect
Realistic, individuals with these types of personality are honest and loyal. They are organized and know how to put into practice the plans established to succeed in life. When in a relationship, they expect a lot of respect from each other. Indeed, they need a person who fulfills his commitments and who measures his words in all circumstances.

ISTPs and NPRIs: Commitment
These types of personality belong to observers who analyze each situation before acting. Discreet, they do not attach easily and take the necessary time before trusting someone. To be satisfied within the couple, the ISTP and the NTIPs must perceive a particular commitment on the part of the other. Indeed, they do not support superficial relationships and usually invest in the long term.