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It's Proven: Divorce Would Make Women Happier!

It's Proven: Divorce Would Make Women Happier!

According to a study relayed by several media including the Huffington Post, freshly divorced women would be happier. A nice nose to the collective imagination that often links achievement to marital status.

The misconceptions about divorce are numerous and present it as a painful experience. Nevertheless, according to one study, if you are not fulfilled as a couple, divorce can be a real cure of happiness. Far from being a failure, it is sometimes seen as a new beginning that greatly stimulates women's happiness.

Divorce Would Make Women Happier

An advantageous separation
The study published in the journal Economica shows that women are much happier than usual and that up to five years after the end of their marriage. To reach this conclusion, researchers have regularly interviewed over two decades, more than 10,000 people in the United Kingdom, aged 16 to 60 years. It was a question of assessing their happiness before and after the major stages of their life, namely marriage, but also divorce. The increase in life satisfaction has been significant although it is less marked in men.

If divorce is a panacea for the body and the mind, it is undeniable that certain steps before arriving at happiness can generate great suffering, since a mourning of the relationship is necessary. It is only after the fact that the condition becomes favorable to joy.

Women could then derive many benefits from their divorce:

Releasing a burden from the past
Divorce often happens after a long thoughtful period and after years of turmoil. When the decision is made, living in the present moment becomes the best way to build the future and think about yourself. A divorced woman would therefore be more willing to think about the things she would like to accomplish, which were until divorce, slowed down by other concerns.

A personal space and serenity found
It is no longer a matter of putting the interests of the couple first. If marriage had become toxic, the time has come to break away from all this toxicity and focus on one's own happiness. Even without quarrels, an unhappy marriage is a source of stress and anxiety. Separation offers a way to regain true inner peace.

The end of worries
It also encourages women to take care of themselves. It is an energy they do not hesitate to use wisely for their health and well-being, by resuming good habits.

These are big changes that are slowly building self-esteem and control over life. Resilience to the traumatic event of divorce can generate a real flow of positive energy for a new beginning. What to reassure many people in the process of divorce.

The phenomenon of "divorce by personal development"
According to some experts "divorce can make you happier" and is not necessarily associated with a defeat. The women that were resilient and turned the painful stage of divorce into a remarkable personal development. What was considered a failure then becomes a springboard to recharge and return to oneself, to fulfill oneself as well.

This is what we calls "divorce through personal development". The origin of the divorce is not necessarily the suffocation that leaves no other choice. Some people actually take care to make a well-considered choice to find themselves and contribute to self-realization. The separation could even be provoked for these purposes, without it being necessary to simulate quarrels or reproaches to the partner.

"The couple then becomes, for these women, a stage of self-construction and divorce, an opportunity for reconquest of self and emancipation" concludes the researcher. An encouraging analysis for those who are preparing to make this new start.