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I Do Not Need A Man To Solve My Problems, I Just Need A Man Who Will Not Become A Man

I Do Not Need A Man To Solve My Problems, I Just Need A Man Who Will Not Become A Man

There is a tendency to believe that a woman will always need a man in her life to be totally fulfilled. It is an idea common to all, it is anchored in the general unconscious.

However, it is up to you, women of today, modern and independent women, fervent and courageous women, to realize the full extent of your potential. And to understand, that it would finally be time to become aware of the magnitude of your strength!

Because you are anatomically slimmer, there is this pre-established but totally false idea that suggests that women will always need a man in their life to survive in this world of bullies. Ladies, it is up to you to refute this state of mind, it is up to you to shake up the rules, to you to build yourself, by your own means, and by the only force of your skills.

women, you do not need a man to solve your problems

Today's women, you do not need a man to solve your problems

Women of today, know that your grandmothers fought tooth and nail to win their independence. They have striven to claim equality with their male counterparts so that you can enjoy your rights and your freedom. So, it is up to each of you to take up the torch, to bring, in its way, its stone to the building, and to stop pretending that it will necessarily need a man to succeed his life .

Women of today, you do not realize how much you can be fulfilled, happy and fulfilled ... alone! You are able to climb all the ladder, to face all the difficulties and to raise mountains! You just have to believe it.

Women of today, loneliness does not rhyme with weakness!
Far be it from us to believe that accomplishment rhymes with loneliness. Nevertheless, you should be with one man for every desire and not for every need. Love is certainly the best thing that can happen to a person, man and woman alike. But love is sharing, love is coexistence, love is harmony, love is the junction of two beings who accompany themselves in life in perfect cohesion.

Women of today, do not give in to societal pressure, do not succumb to despair, do not abdicate in the name of love, and above all, never give anyone the right to rule master of your life. A true love story is based on trust and freedom, not on control and manipulation. So, a person who really loves you will not try to dominate you. She will support you and accept each of your decisions, because she will respect them, and will see all your abilities. Love is therefore a source of inspiration and motivation, a constant and infinite flow of support and acceptance.

Love is a choice, not a constraint ...
Even if you crave love, you do not necessarily need a man in your life. Therefore, love is a choice and not a constraint. No one should put pressure on you, no one should be indispensable. As a result, none of you needs a man to solve his problems, a man is, and should never be, a solution. You are your own solution, you can move forward in your life, face all the obstacles and fall to better you up. Invest in yourself and trust your ability to take on any challenge that may come your way.

So, women of today, know that your happiness does not delegate, on the contrary, it is up to you to shape it. So look for an authentic life partner, someone with whom you can build a future and not someone who will build it for you. Because you are better than that.