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"The Aliens Exist And We Are Not Alone In The Universe" Says A Former Head Of Intelligence Agency

"The Aliens Exist And We Are Not Alone In The Universe" Says A Former Head Of Intelligence Agency

Since science does not yet allow an answer, Man seems to be really incapable of determining with certainty whether there is another form of life in the universe. In fact, although this subject provokes a great debate, all that the human being can say about it remains only speculations without concrete proofs. However, some people think that it is unlikely that we are the only form of life in such a vast and infinite universe. John Sawers, the former head of the British Secret Service of Queen Elizabeth II, supports this view and explains that other extraterrestrial life forms might exist in the universe. This information is relayed to us by the British media The Sun.

Aliens Exist And We Are Not Alone In The Universe

The existence or not of one or more forms of extraterrestrial life in the universe has caused a lot of ink since the dawn of time. While many people claim to have seen unidentified flying objects or discovered strange signs, such as crop circles, symbols drawn in wheat fields, others are shouting at the deceit and refuse to consider the possibility that there may be another form of life elsewhere.

A spy who believes in Aliens
The former head of the MI6 thinks that the planet Earth can not possibly be the only one to shelter a form of life. For him, it is certain that another form of extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe. Indeed, the universe being of "infinite" size, Sawers is convinced that it can not be its only inhabitants. He told the Daily Star, "I think it would be extraordinary if, in an infinite solar system, the planet Earth was unique."

A theory confirmed by the Swiss physicist and Nobel Prize in physics 2019 Didier Queloz. Business Insider reported that at the awards ceremony, the man said he was "absolutely convinced" that the human race could discover another form of life in the universe in the next 100 years. A response to the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi who in 1950 declared that it was almost impossible that aliens smarter than humans have ever tried to invade the earth during the 4.4 billion years he has before an intelligent life could evolve.

According to a recent survey, nearly half of Americans believe in the existence of aliens. Among the young people surveyed (aged 18-24), no less than 60% say they believe that there is a form of extraterrestrial life in the universe.

A planet similar to Earth has been discovered
A study revealed the discovery of water in the atmosphere of the planet K2-18b, which is at least twice as large as the earth. This planet is located in the "M-dwarf" zone, a "habitable zone" of its star. In addition, the derivative derived average molecular weight suggests an atmosphere still containing hydrogen.

However, the planet K2-18b is 111 light years away and is therefore far too far to be studied further by humans. In addition, as reported by lesechos in an article published last September, the conditions of life on this planet where a year lasts only 33 days, are more hostile than on our Earth, and therefore seem unfavorable to the presence of a any intelligent life.