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9 Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

9 Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

Pain is one of the most disabling sensations and yet the most essential to our well-being. This response of our body to an evil is actually a chain reaction of the most sophisticated. Indeed, the pain occurs for a simple reason: to protect us.

By preventing us from repeating any action that causes it, it is therefore indispensable to our survival. For example, touching something hot will instantly act as an alarm and activate an immediate weaning reflex. Thus, the process of cause and effect is easy to determine. Nevertheless, we sometimes do not understand the source of our pain. This one is not necessarily connected to the painful organ.

Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

As a rule, the pain is caused by an injury or inflammation. In fact, when our body is hurt one way or another, our nerves send information to our brain to inform us that something is wrong. Thus, when we feel the pain, we pay special attention to the painful area and we can therefore take steps to remedy the situation. But what happens when we perceive pain in a place other than where the evil really comes from? This is called referred pain.

9 most common referred pains

Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

1- The heart
The most common signs of infarction are intense and persistent pain in the chest, left arm, back and / or jaw, referred to as referred pain. To know that it is important to contact a doctor immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.

2- The lung and the diaphragm
Pain in the neck or upper shoulder can actually be caused by problems with the lungs or the diaphragm. Indeed, massage therapist Paul Ingraham explains on his website that breathing problems can cause significant damage to the muscles of the neck. In case of persistent pain in the shoulders and neck, it is necessary to consult a doctor to enlighten you on the origin of your pain.

Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

3- Liver and gall bladder
Liver and gallbladder problems can also cause neck, shoulder or right chest pain. One of the signs of hepatic colic is severe pain under the right ribs that radiates upward to the right shoulder.

Body Pains Are Messages Sent By The Body To Indicate Diseases

4- The stomach and pancreas
The first sign of acute pancreatitis is intense pain in the abdomen radiating to the back and left shoulder blade. Occurring abruptly and usually after a copious meal and alcohol consumption, it must be taken care of very quickly.

5- The small intestine
Our small intestine is between the stomach and the large intestine. If you have abdominal pain near the belly button, it may be an inflammation of the belly button. This painful area is particularly specific, so it's important to tell your doctor exactly where you are going.

6- Colon and appendicitis
If you have pain in the right side of your abdomen, this may indicate a problem with your appendix. Characterized by a pain often diffuse, particularly intense at the level of the lower right part of the abdomen, this disorder imposes a surgical resection as soon as possible.

7- The kidneys
Caused by an accumulation of stones in the kidneys, kidney pain can radiate from the lower back to the upper legs. It is therefore important to consult a doctor as soon as possible in case of intense and unusual pain.

8- The bladder
Although rare, interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome is a bladder disease that is characterized by pelvic floor pain. These pains, and especially when they are accompanied by problems of urination, require a medical examination as soon as possible.

9- The ovaries
Ovarian cysts can cause sharp, throbbing pain in the lower abdomen. It is necessary to consult your gynecologist who will perform a pelvic ultrasound to detect them.