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You Can Now Buy A Heating Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car

You Can Now Buy A Heating Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car

The end of year holidays are already on the horizon, these are an opportunity to meet up with family, laugh and have fun, but also the opportunity to offer and receive gifts. It is undeniable that to see young and old offering presents gives us a smile, however we must admit that choosing gifts for everyone can easily become a puzzle without name. To help you, here is an original gift that will surprise you, but that could be very useful.

The holiday season is a time of joy and sharing, however the cold winter that accompanies it can sometimes be unpleasant, especially when it is not in the comfort of his home, or that we must spend most of the day outdoors or driving.

Heating Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car

Heating Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car

Find an original gift

Offering a gift is an act of affection for others, it is a gesture of love and generosity. It must be admitted, however, that all gifts are not equal: A personalized and original gift can have a greater impact than a banal gift, regardless of its price. Choosing a gift is not easy, it's all about understanding the needs and tastes of the person you want to offer to meet them as best you can. An original and personalized gift is certainly a little more complicated to find but the effect it will have on the person to whom it is offered can bring an inestimable joy.

A gift that warms
Facing the freezing cold of the last month of the year, there is nothing better than being snuggled in bed with a thick blanket. Unfortunately, it is difficult to carry your duvet when you are outside or in your car, you are at the mercy of negative temperatures.

You can, however, fix it in your car. Here is a gift idea that could serve many people: A blanket. This may seem surprising, but the plus is that this cover is far from ordinary, it can be heated and can be fed into the cigarette lighter of a car.

It has a cable long enough to reach the rear of the car, so passengers can also enjoy. It's the perfect gift for people who need to use their car early in the morning. This blanket will give you the feeling of being at home snuggled in your bed.

Electric Blankets

An alternative to heating
Although very useful, heating in your car can have ecological drawbacks and can even have adverse health effects. These are:

- The car heating is sometimes too strong. The difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of your car may be too big. So when you get out of your car, your body can react badly to heat shock, sudden changes in temperature can negatively impact our body.

- The car heating is done by a transfer of air from the outside to the inside. This air is usually filtered and is safe for you. Nevertheless, with use, germs and bacteria pile up on your filter and can seep into the cabin of your car, you then find yourself breathing this polluted air.

- A last and not least disadvantage is the high energy consumption when using your heating. Your car emits even more harmful particles and greenhouse gases. In the context of climate change, it is our duty to act and gradually reduce our energy consumption.

It is for these reasons that the heating blanket is an excellent alternative and a gift that will surprise many.