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Here Is The Meaning Of The Dimples On The Cheeks

Here Is The Meaning Of The Dimples On The Cheeks

Trump charm par excellence, the dimples are a real weapon of seduction, especially when they manifest in the hollow of the cheeks. In the past, these two little holes that can appear when one smiles were considered as "the fingerprint of God", a mark to designate the most fortunate people endowed with divine grace. Subsequently, these have evolved into symbols of beauty, vitality or wisdom.

Dimples On The Cheeks

Present in only 20% of the world's population, dimples are a physical feature that never goes unnoticed. And for good reason, many of us associate them with a beauty asset that is out of the ordinary among those who might please us. Among celebrities who proudly wear them by being strafed by the flash on the red carpet, and those who are willing to spend huge sums to have, we must say: the dimples are extremely attractive and leave no one indifferent.

Dimples: the science behind this seductive asset
When the dimples are present at birth, the latter are due to a malformation of the even muscles from the commissures of the lips to the cheekbones. It is essentially the great zygomatic, the Greek zygoma meaning to join, which when it contracts, causes a reaction that raises the corner of the lips upward and outward to stretch them to the ears. According to some plastic surgeons, the dimples would be a kind of "adhesion of the skin with the oral mucosa", especially between the large zygomatic and the skin of the cheeks.

Therefore, when a person has no dimples, it represents the lack of adhesion between these parts of the face, a slip between the skin, the mucous membrane and the muscle that does not mark these famous small holes. A "defect" that some people do not hesitate to correct by using plastic surgery.

The "dimpleplasty": what is it?

Coming straight from the United States where there are thousands of followers, the "dimpleplasty" or "dimple surgery" is raging among millennials. Determined to have these little holes that characterize celebrities such as Miranda Kerr or Adriana Karembeu, they are ready to pay the tidy sum of 680$ for smaller budgets, up to 2200$ for the most advanced surgeries. It is practiced for the modest sum of 1500$, for a semi-permanent effect that eventually fade after about 2 months. To know that this surgery does not lead only to satisfactory results. Dr. Wright Jones, a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, warns of risks, such as pain, swelling, deformity, unnatural results, or hollows in the wrong places.

Why such enthusiasm for this malformation?
Vastly appreciated for their aesthetic appearance, the dimples return different messages according to the gender of the person who has them. For a woman, dimples are essentially synonymous with beauty and attraction. Recalling innocence and ingenuity, they grant a natural charm to the lucky ones who do not miss to proudly display them.

For men, on the other hand, the dimples are more of a character than an aesthetic, especially when they are present at the chin! Indeed, these small holes of charm are not limited to the commissures of the lips. For some (and some), they represent a sign of strength and courage, combined with an increased sense of responsibility. An asset that immediately catches the attention of the fairer sex on the faces of their male counterparts.

Different types of dimples
There is a tendency to believe that dimples occur only in the hollow of the cheeks or on the chin, yet these are not limited to the facial region of the human body. There is a third type, less known and yet irresistible: the sacro-iliac fossils, otherwise known as the dimples of Venus.

Located in the hollow of the kidneys, they even gave birth to a new trend: Barbie back. A surgical procedure whose objective is to have a buttocks as close as possible to the idol of the same name for a fall of the kidneys worthy of the name. A fad that has not failed to seduce many countries but has failed to win in USA. Indeed, if the look associated with the Mattel doll is envious across the Atlantic, it seems that the French have decided to spend their turn this time ...