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Here's Why Noodles Are Not Good For Health

Here's Why Noodles Are Not Good For Health

Inexpensive and quick to prepare, instant noodles are one of the favorite dishes of active people. Indeed, they are appreciated for their delicious flavor but also for their economic packaging. Rich in color and taste, instant noodles are actually harmful to the body. In an article, the express highlights the dangers of this popular student dish. Information confirmed by Jullian Kubala, dietitian based in New York.

Many people opt for quick and cheap alternatives to treat their taste buds. Thus, like pasta, instant noodles are consumed by many people around the world. Despite the success of this industrial dish, scientists warn of the potential dangers it can cause.

Noodles Are Not Good For Health

Here are 7 reasons that instant noodles can affect your health:

1. They reduce the immune defenses
Used frequently by the food industry to enhance the taste of certain products and prolong their shelf life, additives and preservatives are extremely dangerous to health. Instant noodles contain sodium glutamate and TBHQ, a synthetic aromatic compound. According to one study, sodium glutamine and TBHQ have adverse effects on the immune system and impair the body's functions. In addition, they can cause nervous system disorders, overweight and liver damage.

2. They contain too much sodium
Generally, all industrial products are much too salty. But instant noodles are particularly rich in sodium. A packet of noodles contains more than 1.8 g of salt while WHO recommends daily consumption of less than 2 g per day to be healthy. In addition, researchers report that excessive salt increases the risk of heart failure, myocardial infarction, and stroke.

3. They bring only a few nutrients
Contrary to what one might think, the fact that instant noodles contain wheat flour does not make them more nutritious. Indeed, these dishes lack vitamins and minerals, essential to our daily nutritional needs. Noodles do not contain antioxidants, nutrients that our body needs to function properly.

4. They include palm oil
Instant noodles also contain palm oil. This fat has a harmful impact on human health since it increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders. In addition, those who care about the future of their planet know that palm oil production deforests several hectares of land and harms the flora and fauna. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and affects the quality of water.

5. They are full of carbohydrates
Despite their moderate calorie content, instant noodles contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. In fact, a portion of noodles contains almost 56% of carbohydrates. These organic compounds represent the first source of energy of the human body. However, it has been proven that high carbohydrate intake promotes the development of diabetes and obesity.

6. They promote digestion problems
If you are prone to bloating, constipation and digestive disorders, you'd better evaluate your instant noodle consumption. Indeed, Dr. Braden Kuo used a camera to evaluate the digestive process of the body after ingestion of instant noodles. In reality, organism notes can take up to 6 hours to break down particles of instant noodles.

7. They can lead to a metabolic syndrome
According to the results of a scientific study conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, the consumption of instant noodles would lead to a metabolic syndrome in women. Indeed, this dish increases the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity in women.