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Being Surrounded By People Who Constantly Complain Could Hurt Your Health

Being Surrounded By People Who Constantly Complain Could Hurt Your Health

Are you one of those who see the glass half full or those who persist in seeing it half empty? Are you more likely to enjoy the positive aspects of your life or do you dwell on dysfunctions? Sometimes we do not realize that our way of seeing things is governed by our subjectivity. Similarly, one can be influenced by negative thoughts of others and suffer without our knowledge. In fact, surrounding yourself with pessimistic people can have a detrimental impact on your health and well-being

Some people tend to complain all the time and share their troubles with others. Although this habit often escapes their level of consciousness, it can really impact their lives as well as those around them.

Surrounded By People Who Constantly Complain Could Hurt Your Health

How can people who constantly complain can hurt your health?

Negative people always see things on the wrong side and can complain wrongly. Thus, each situation can give rise to derogatory remarks, criticisms and impressive pessimism. A priori, complain can be good at times since it allows to evacuate an emotional charge. Nevertheless, when negative thoughts recur chronically, it can be dangerous for the person concerned as well as those around him. According to Jon Gordon, author of the book "The No Complaining Rule", surrounding ourselves with negative people makes us unhappy and vulnerable to various pathologies. Like passive smokers, people with toxic surroundings face health risks. Indeed, the author indicates that this habit is contagious and promotes the development of diseases such as stress disorders, which can affect the heart. In addition, complaints and manifestations of anger, sadness or stress can affect the brain and disrupt the neurons of the hippocampus leading to cognitive impairment.

Understand the psychology of people who often complain
What are the negative people looking for by spreading misery around them? Guy Winch, psychologist, tried to answer this question. According to him, the negative individuals are convinced that their fate is sealed and that their future will be as dark as their current life. They seek empathy and support from others without realizing that their complaints are contagious. In addition, negative people do not listen to the advice of others because they consider that there is no solution to their problems. Thus, their entourage will be able to guide them to potential paths to resolve their real or imagined conflicts, they will find ways to sweep away any proposal with the back of hand.

How to react to these negative people?
As you will have understood, negative people are plunged into a vicious circle where they are victims of their own way of thinking and acting. As a result, if they do not do a real job on themselves, they will not be able to cope. Nevertheless, to protect yourself from their negative influence, you can adopt certain behaviors:

- Keep your distance
Even if the person is close to you, you do not have to spend all your free time with him. Do not feel guilty when she crawls and you move away from her, you only protect yourself from her negative influence.

- Do not react
Some people show irrational pessimism that drives them to make all your interactions worse. They are victims of their own emotions and can encroach on your mind. Do not go into their game and do not try to find solutions to their problems.

- Become aware of your own emotions
In order not to be overwhelmed by negative emotions, identify your feelings during your interactions. Stay lucid and always think without acting impulsively.

- Reflect concrete solutions
Instead of focusing on the problems you are experiencing, put your energy into finding solutions. So, do not dwell on the character of these toxic people that you rub shoulders, but rather on how you will manage them better.

- Stop negative thoughts
As the law of attraction suggests, positive thoughts lead to equally positive actions. So when you identify parasitic thoughts, chase them off without further ado. Then try to replace them with thoughts of joy, love and creativity to reach your full potential.