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This Is What Ultrasounds Of Pregnant Smokers Look Like

This Is What Ultrasounds Of Pregnant Smokers Look Like

Although the harmful effects of smoking are constantly being chanted by health professionals, there are still a very large number of smokers in the world. Among these smokers, there are pregnant women who put the health of their babies in danger, unable to part with this very bad habit. Indeed, the smoking of these women has, unsurprisingly, a considerable impact on the health of their fetuses. These snapshots of smokers during pregnancy are the proof of this.

While smoking is strongly discouraged in general, it is particularly forbidden for women in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding because it may have irreversible consequences for the health of the baby. In addition, a study conducted by researchers at Durham University revealed ultrasound images of pregnant women who are cold in the back. In this article, we highlight the results of this research while highlighting the harmful consequences of smoking on the fetus during pregnancy.

In research on the effects of smoking on fetuses, some Durham University researchers performed 4-D ultrasound scans showing babies to be born to smokers on one side and fetuses on non-smoking women on the other. The results are really appalling:

The conditions and the context of the research
Researchers focused mainly on the hand and mouth movements observed in all fetuses, whether smokers or non-smoking moms. Four of the 20 pregnancies studied by these investigators involved smoking moms, and ultrasounds were performed on each woman between her 24th and 36th week of pregnancy.

The results of the research
The researchers found with dismay that fetuses worn by smoky moms tended to touch their face and mouth much more often than fetuses of non-smoking moms.

The fetuses worn by smoky moms had a 58% increase in mouth movement and a 69% increase in self-awareness.

Ultrasounds Of Pregnant

This dramatic increase in movement may indicate that nicotine and other toxins in cigarettes have adverse effects on the development of the fetus, which seems to be trying to protect itself from something.

Ultrasounds Of Pregnant

Previous studies have shown similar results regarding increased fetal movement when there is stress on the mother's side. Indeed, it has been shown that the stress that affects the mother is felt by her fetus and can also affect her. As a result, researchers believe that these two situations can be correlated, although this would require further research.

The researchers hope that the study they conducted and the terrifying 4-D images they discovered can educate moms about the dangers of smoking for their babies and deter them from smoking during pregnancy.

For this reason, it is important to share these appalling images of fetuses of smoking moms with your loved ones to make them aware of the dangers of pregnancy-related smoking for the baby's health. Also, if you have been able to stop smoking during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to share your tips with the rest of the moms and future moms.