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6 Secrets Happy People Will Never Tell You

6 Secrets Happy People Will Never Tell You

People who are looking for happiness may sometimes believe that the happiest people have a secret or ability that allows them to overcome suffering ... Well, it's true!

Over time, all cultures and civilizations around the world have paid great importance to the pursuit of happiness. It seems obvious that being happy is the deepest desire of humanity.

6 Secrets Happy People Will Never Tell You

Here are 6 secrets that happy people will never tell you:

1. Take care of yourself
When we take care of ourselves, we identify our needs and we learn to better meet, which helps to believe that is important and you deserve all the love and attention. Beautification strengthens confidence and contributes to happiness.

It is therefore not surprising that depressed and sad people often neglect their basic needs. What is surprising is that we can not understand the message we send to ourselves when we behave in such a way ... Indeed, not having self-care is an indication that we have a devalued view of ourselves!

Happy people secretly realize they deserve the love of self and the love they awaken tending to satisfy their basic needs and desires.

2. Helping others
For 75 years, scientists from Harvard University have observed the daily life of 724 men in order to decode the secret of happiness! According to this study, an excellent quality of human relations is the ultimate secret of well-being!

Help each other enriches the sense of empowerment and belonging. Making a difference in the life of someone else, makes you remember that you are important, needed and loved and you will also get the same feelings to the people you help.

Helping others does not take much time. Besides volunteering, it can mean simple things like listening to the other or express the desire to have news of the one we care about. These simple actions can be comforting for the other.

Some research has shown that taking care of the other can bring many emotional benefits and can even have a positive impact on health. Although standards of happiness vary across cultures: happy people are more generous, kind and may even live longer.

3. Distinguish between pleasure and happiness
This is perhaps the most precious secret that the happiest people were able to acquire ... The pleasure is a temporary euphoria we feel for the conditions or external events, while happiness is an inner state of being.

Many people confuse the two and continually seek the pleasure of thinking that it is comparable to happiness. The majority of things that contribute to momentary pleasure resulting from a low state of happiness. The happiest people distinguish the two and give priority to happiness!

4. Focus on the reactions
In life, we will inevitably face failure and distress, but it is important to know how to manage these moments of weakness ... We choose goals that we want to achieve but some remain unachievable, whatever the conditions.

The happiest people know very well that to stay focused on the goal itself can be a source of grief. We can not control everything in life, but we have full control over how we react to obstacles and how we respond to life. The happiest people spend more time and focus more on how they respond to unexpected events.

5. Have an overview
Rather than focusing on the circumstances of life, the happiest people tend to enjoy life as a whole and to remember that suffering is temporary. The happiest people accept their sufferings as part of their development, and focus on the lesson during these negative experiences.

6. To love ourselves!
Happy people rely on their intrinsic value, regardless of how the outside world sees them and consider them. In other words, they are in love of themselves! This self-love makes them more resistant to life's problems.

People who need the approval and love of others to feel good are more likely to lack self confidence. They depend on others to be happy while happiness depends on us and not the other.