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11 Things You Need To Know Before Loving A Scorpion Sign

11 Things You Need To Know Before Loving A Scorpion Sign

loving a scorpion

The love of the scorpion can be as burning and intense as its natural habitat, the desert. If you do not want to survive a relationship like this, but rather make it fulfilled and satisfying, here is a list made for you. Knowing how to love a scorpion is as useful as a layer of sunscreen on a hot summer day. You do not want to burn yourself, do you?

Here are the main characteristics that you will find in a scorpion partner:

1- The scorpion is a passionate lover

The love that the scorpion feels for you has no equal, and this, whatever the idyll or history of rose water to which you compare it! The scorpion wants to know the smallest detail of your personality or your life and for that, you are lucky.

2 - You can not impress him

The scorpion loves intelligent, talented and intuitive people like him, but his problem is that he believes himself above all. On the other hand, no worry, if he chose you, he will love you regardless of your faults.

3 - Do not even try to control him

The scorpion likes to have control in any situation. You may have your opinion but as he considers himself a genius, you have little chance of winning out of a debate.

4 - He loves the mystery

Do not make the mistake of fooling a scorpion, but, keeping a semblance of mystery within your relationship will captivate all of his attention. He is curious, so give him clues when you try to keep a surprise, will make him mad with joy.

5 - He is extremely loyal

If a scorpion chooses you, you can be quiet, knowing that he feels for you the purest devotion you have ever experienced in a relationship. You are everything to him because he finds you perfect. If he leaves you afterwards, it is because he thinks that you do not correspond to him that much, but it is impossible because he always makes the right choice.

If you gain the loyalty of a scorpion, then congratulations because the task is not easy. The scorpion quickly loses its confidence in people and only grants its own once yours proved.

6 - Betray it at your own risk

If there is a quality that the scorpion does not possess, it is forgiveness. He may be vindictive and ruthless towards someone who has betrayed him. Avoid deceiving your scorpion and you will have no fear to make you. But if you go beyond the limits of your relationship, expect retaliation.

7 - Emotions are palpable

The scorpion is a sign of water and therefore tends to pass from one emotion to another completely opposite. Sometimes his companion feels crushed by the intensity of these feelings. When the scorpion goes through a bad period, be prepared to pick up the pieces. To show your support for the scorpion, be strong and remind him how great he is.

8 - You are not on the same level as him

The scorpion is very selective when it comes to choosing a partner because it always seeks perfection in the other. He would almost go out with himself. The image he has of him is very high, but if he chooses you it is that he regards you as almost perfect.

9 - He does not need you

Do not be angry but the scorpion is so independent, ambitious and fearless that even if you were not there it would be like a charm. However, the more experience and knowledge you have, the more essential your presence will be.

10 - Get used to his jealousy

If the scorpion is also possessive or even obsessive, it is because he wants to show that you belong to him and that he is not ready to share. Remember that he chose you, not the other way around.
If you are thinking of leaving your scorpion, opt for honesty and do not make a scene. It is also best to do so before you have found a new lover because remember the 6th point (see above).

11 - Best Lover of the Zodiac

Making love with a scorpion will probably be the best love making experience you've ever had. Not that he is talented but, the combination of his ardent love and loyalty to you, make him offer you all that he has in him.

He thinks of nothing and nobody else in bed and invests all his energy and devotion to satisfy you. He also puts his imagination and creativity at the disposal of his intimate life, so you will never know the boredom of routine.