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Why You Absolutely Must Sleep Naked

Why You Absolutely Must Sleep Naked

Answering the question of a journalist, Marilyn Monroe asserted that she wears only "two drops of Chanel No. 5" while sleeping. In other words: she slept naked. This habit, which is adopted only by few, is actually very beneficial to health. Here's why !

A study by the Department of Gynecology of New York University wanted to study the health of two groups of women, according to what they wore to sleep. Women in the first group slept completely naked, while those in the second group slept dressed, some of them did not even took off their bras. The results of this study showed that:

Dressed sleep increases the risk of bacterial infections

When a woman is sleeping and dressed, in addition with a sheet or blanket, it creates a warm and humid climate for the growth of bacteria in her intimate parts. This may cause irritation and infections more or less severe and difficult to treat.

Women are not the only ones affected by this condition. According to the American urologist Brian Steixner, men also face the risk of infection and increasing the temperature of their testicles could have a detrimental effect on the quality of their sperm and thus their reproductive capacity.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the University of Stanford, sleep dressed, even underpants or boxer impacts the ability of men to produce sperm, and according to The Telegraph, this 25% damage the quality of their sperm.

Underwear might disrupt sleeping at night 

At bedtime, our body temperature drops a few tenths of a degree to prepare our body for sleep. Thus, our heart rate slows, the sleep hormone is released. But when your pajamas or other clothing that you are wearing prevents the temperature drop, your biological clock is disturbed and your sleep is disturbed, which is reflected on your health.

What are the benefits of sleeping like Adam and Eve?

Keep warm

At first glance, this may seem contradictory. But actually sleeping naked enhances good blood circulation and allows a better distribution of body heat under your blanket. In addition, several studies have shown that sleep without clothing procure a feeling of freedom of movement and well-being that enhances the relaxation of muscle tension and allows better quality sleep.

Losing weight

While sleeping naked, it is normal that the body expends calories to keep warm. It will therefore draw on its fat stock for the needed energy. Furthermore, enjoying a restful sleep, we are better able to cope with stressful situations during the day, which prevents us seek comfort in nibbling too fat or too sweet food.

Preserve the youth

Maintaining good body temperature overnight, the body releases growth hormone which is a trigger of fat burning and regeneration of cells. Thus, it helps speed the healing of injuries and diseases, and helps maintain youthful skin and the whole body. So to stay young, sleep naked!

Enjoy a fulfilling intimate life

Sleeping skin against skin strengthens ties between the couple and invites for sharing more intimate moments. This what a US study says : that couples who sleep naked are more satisfied emotionally, than those who sleep in pajamas. And of course, when saying fulfilling intimate life, saying more happiness and less mood swings!