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8 Foods That Boost Your Immune System And Ward Off Disease

8 Foods That Boost Your Immune System And Ward Off Disease

When the immune system is under stress, we have to adopt intelligent nutritional intake. Here are 8 foods that boost your natural immune system. It is essential to adopt a highly nutritious diet to boost the activity of our immune defenses. Among the essential compounds in our food, antioxidants are essential. And for good reason, they fight head to head against the presence of free radicals responsible for premature cell aging and the appearance of disease. These 8 foods known to boost this vital function of our body should therefore be favored. Discover the ingredients to prioritize more often for a body capable of fighting against the pathogens to which we are exposed on a daily basis!

Foods Boost Immune System

Those who adopt an intelligent diet support it mordicus. To focus on your daily health and well-being, it is essential to favor highly nutritional dishes in order to promote the functioning of a vital part of the organism: the immune system. In order to stimulate it, it is essential to give pride of place to nutrients but also to active compounds which improve the performance of our natural defenses. Here are 8 foods that help you.

1- Lemon
The lemon's purifying reputation is certainly not stolen. And for good reason, the citrus fruit fights against toxins with its arms through its vitamin C. We also need the stimulating mechanisms of the immune system thanks to this latter, a scientific assertion confirmed by this study. Reason enough to squeeze more often on our seasonal salads and morning smoothies!

2- The red pepper
This spicy food deserves to be consumed more often. The reason ? It improves the performance of our natural defenses, an essential activity to fight against pathogens and viruses. And scientists do not budge since according to this community the red pepper has proven anti-inflammatory effects. More reasons then not to enhance the taste of these dishes with this ingredient.

3- Citrus
Like lemon, citrus fruits are also natural remedies to activate your immune system. It is scientifically proven: this category of food improves this function, and in particular contributes to an effective resistance against the disease of the dark spots. A convincing argument to always have these acidic fruits in your basket!

4- Turmeric
A sacred spice in the East, Indian saffron is one of the essential foods to promote better immunity. Turmeric loin, its Latin name, can improve antibody responses. It also acts as a powerful immunomodulatory agent but also inhibits inflammatory reactions. A property confirmed by this scientific study.

5- Spinach
These leafy plants benefit from being consumed more often. And it is a highly sought-after property that we recognize since they are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, ideal for boosting your immune system. Popeye's favorite foods are recommended to combat the presence of viruses and pathogens, the study found. No more reasons to hesitate then to add to its balanced dishes!

6- Broccoli
Like spinach, these tree-shaped green vegetables little appreciated by children are an unstoppable source of antioxidants, ideal for combating the onset of disease and premature cell aging. And these foods are also full of vitamin A, C and E. This study published in the scientific journal Preventive Nutrition and Food Science confirms it: the polyphenols present in broccoli fight head-on against inflammatory reactions. make delicious gratins.

7- Ginger
The Asian rhizome is a natural remedy all indicated to stimulate its immune defenses since it is rich in gingerol, an antioxidant which activates the immune responses. And it's not these scientific conclusions that will deny it since they confirm that ginger boosts the immune system.

8- Almonds
If oil seeds are particularly recommended for their high nutritional values, almonds are also recommended for their action on your immunity. And these properties are concentrated in the skin of the latter according to research by experts. The reason ? It has immunomodulatory function but also anti-inflammatory and antiviral due to its inhibitory mechanism on the cytokines responsible for this potentially pathogenic reaction. Why then hesitate to make it a healthy morning ritual?