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Learn How To Burn Fat During Lockdown With This New Workout

Learn How To Burn Fat During Lockdown With This New Workout

During these troubled times, it is essential to take care of yourself. For this, it is important to focus on well-being by giving pride of place to sport, an activity from which many benefits flow. And this is a boon for those who are overweight since there is a targeted exercise to melt fat in your home, while you are in full confinement. Why not take advantage of this refocusing period to make the most of it and find our dream body? Discover this effective and simple training to perform regularly.

Burn Fat During Lockdown With This New Workout

Many people wonder what to do during this period of forced isolation. However, many habits must be established to make confinement an opportunity for personal development. With this sports training, you will burn both excess fat but also benefit from the boost of endorphins that are released by this activity. So get your carpet and your motivation to practice this ideal exercise at will.

Sport: your well-being ally
If sport is sometimes seen as a boring and painful activity, many people ignore all the virtues of this habit established on the long course. And for good reason, the latter releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which helps you reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. Running also allows you to take a big breath of fresh air while enjoying nature, but not only since it also increases your self-esteem by constantly pushing your limits. It is also an outstanding social bond which improves the performance of your brain, your cardiovascular system and also avoids depressive states. So many reasons to practice an activity of your choice, and there are many. Running, fitness, bodybuilding, yoga, swimming, there is something for all tastes and expectations. A convincing argument for making it a frequent ritual that will bring you pleasure as you establish it.

One exercise each day
And if it was possible to do only one exercise per day to observe convincing results? This is the promise kept by this effective training which does not require much equipment. Bonus: it only takes 15 minutes, a stopwatch in hand. Arm yourself with your bottle of water and a good dose of motivation and regularity. This habit will help you sculpt your body every day. A good reason to try to practice this exercise every day, during your confinement. You’ll quickly inspire your loved ones.

Bottle exercise
This gesture is incredibly simple. It activates the inside and outside of the thigh, glutes and of course the abdominal muscles. To do this, simply squeeze a large bottle between her legs. Thus, fat burning is activated by pressure and loss of calories, and this workout tones all the lower muscle groups. As simple as that.

How to exercise with the bottle?
You'll never guess. To practice this awesome exercise, the first thing to think about is getting a bottle, but not just any bottle. This should be a large diameter since you will place it directly under the crotch. A useful arrangement for soliciting the muscle groups you want to work on. Here's how to get the most out of it.

- Place your feet parallel and bring them together. Do not hesitate to squeeze your thighs hard. Squeeze the bottle with all your might and feel your glutes contracting.

- Add pelvic movements by tightening the deep stomach muscles. Move your back from an arched position to a rounded position, then backward, pushing the pelvis forward. Make these movements slowly and at your own pace, gradually.

3 training levels
This training has 3 stages and starts with the easiest. This corresponds to this principle: the more the bottle is placed at the bottom, the more difficult it is to hold it.

When this container is high at the crotch level, the level is easier. The most difficult level is when the bottle is stuck between the knees. This is how you will feel the action of the muscles. When you do not have this tool, you can voluntarily contract the muscles stimulated during this exercise, for example by cooking.

exercise bottle

Virtues for health
In addition to being great, easy and economical, this workout allows you to benefit from a good number of virtues. Among them: better muscle tone, fat loss, relief of back pain or even activation of the pelvic floor. Finally, the abdominal muscles are stimulated for better transit. Why then hesitate to practice this easy training on a daily basis?