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Recipe For Pressure-Cooker Flan, Easy, Delicious And Ready In 10 Minutes

Recipe For Pressure-Cooker Flan, Easy, Delicious And Ready In 10 Minutes

To vary the desserts and pleasures, here is a recipe for flan easy and quick to make in just 10 minutes. Here's how to prepare it. Giving in to the temptation to enjoy a good dessert can only do good. By the way, making the choice to eat a piece of cake from time to time could reduce the frustration felt during a low-calorie diet. The pleasure will be even more intense when the cake is homemade, healthy and free of any additives or preservatives. We have for you, for this purpose, a recipe for sugar-free custard, cooked in a pressure cooker, easy and quick to prepare.

Recipe for flan in the pressure cooker

The flan is a dessert that appeared for the first time in the Middle Ages. Over time and from generation to generation, this dessert has known several variations even in its cooking method. The custard recipe offered today is quick and easy to make. It has the particularity of being cooked in a pressure cooker. We explain how to prepare it…

Cooking in a pressure cooker

Once you get into the habit of baking your cakes in a pressure cooker, you can’t do without them. Indeed, it is a household appliance that is attracting more and more. It has the distinction of being practical and quick by allowing a varied cuisine with different cooking methods.

Steam cooking allows you to cook light meals while keeping the flavor and nutritional value of the food. The pressure cooker also allows stewing, to marinate vegetables or even meats or fish. In addition, under pressure, the pressure cooker allows you to cook simmered dishes such as beef bourguignon as an example.

Here is a recipe for flan cooked in a pressure cooker ready in 10 minutes

Pressure-Cooker Flan

It should be noted that to preserve his health, it is advisable to choose organic and healthy ingredients, devoid of pesticides and chemicals.

- 3 whole eggs
- ½ liter of coconut milk
- 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 5 g of corn starch
- 70 g of fructose

For the caramelized syrup
- 200 g of fructose
- Half a cup of water

Put the 200 g of fructose and the water in a saucepan and stir with a spoon until a caramelized syrup forms. When ready, pour it into the mold used for the blank.

Then, in a blender, beat the eggs, coconut milk, corn starch, vanilla sugar and 70 g of fructose for 3 minutes and pour everything into the mold.

Fill the pressure cooker with 3 cups of water, place the pan inside and close the pressure cooker. Cook for about 10 minutes.

After this time, remove the pan from the pressure cooker and put it in the refrigerator to cool and solidify it before serving.

In addition, to vary the pleasures always in pressure cooker mode, here is another dessert recipe for you. This is a healthy, sugar-free chocolate fondant that you will lick your fingers.

Pressure Cooker Chocolate Fondant Recipe

Pressure-Cooker Flan


- 2 eggs
- 20 g of almond flour
- 10 g of cornstarch
- 60 g dark chocolate pastry in small squares
- 60 g of vegetable butter
- 60 g of fructose


Start by melting in a bain marie, the vegetable butter and the dark chocolate. Remember to reserve four small chocolate squares that you will set aside.

Separate the egg yolks from the whites. In a container, put the egg yolks with 30 g fructose and whiten the mixture with a whisk for 2 to 5 minutes. Add the almond flour and cornstarch.

Whisk the egg whites and once they have been added, add the remaining 30 g of fructose.

Add the melted chocolate to the egg, fructose and flour mixture.

Then gently fold in the snow-beaten egg whites to the mixture and the dough will be ready. It will be well ventilated.

In four small buttered molds, you pour the mixture to three quarters and put the four small squares in the middle.

Cook for 8 minutes in a pressure cooker. After this time, unmold hot.

You will have small flowing chocolate fondants that will make you want to be tasted.