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Suffering Women Do These 8 Things Without Knowing It

Suffering Women Do These 8 Things Without Knowing It

Pain and grief can transform a person. Here are 8 things that a woman plagued by emotional pain intentionally does, without knowing. Emotional pain can be as intense as physical pain and coping with it is not easy. And for good reason, it involves letting the hurting emotions surge. Locking yourself in loneliness, crying and expressing anger are all normal but necessary reactions to release the pain that eats away from the inside. But often under the influence of emotional damage, some women experience their pain differently from others and may have unexpected reactions to life events.

Suffering Women Do These 8 Things Without Knowing It

Emotional pain can be caused by a number of factors, such as partner rejection, breakup, grief, unexpected change, or the stress of everyday life. Still, you have to fight instead of letting emotions explode from the inside. Yet some women deny their emotional state and claim that everything is fine, but at what cost!

A woman who suffers emotionally may have certain reactions or behaviors suggesting that emotional pain is still present. And for good reason…

She is no longer interested in love
Freud said it well "We are never as badly protected against pain as when we love". A heartache can be devastating and difficult to overcome, and this suffering woman knows it only too well. For fear of abandonment and of plunging back into emotional distress causing greater moral pain, she retracts and refuses to speak of love or a future romantic relationship.

She trusts anymore
For fear of love? Probably ... attachment has become synonymous with suffering rather than joy. She will no longer trust as easily after experiencing painful breakups because she will always anticipate a separation and that is what she fears the most. It’s a threat that will terrorize her forever.

She puts up barriers
To protect herself, she puts a distance and a barrier to keep men out of her reach because she needs to put a wall between her and the others. She wants to be surrounded by people with principles so that she no longer has to experience new sorrow because she does not want any more toxic people in her life.

She no longer believes in love
Even if she is aware that love is the essence of life, she will always make fun of others who strongly believe in it. " How? 'Or' What ! Do you still believe in it? Will be her reply when we discuss this subject with her.

She needs to digest her breakup
For this, she takes the time to isolate herself, to live her sadness and to mourn. She needs to feel the pain instead of running away from it so she can let it go later. She knows it's a long way to go, but right now she needs to protect herself.

She focuses on herself
She takes advantage of her moments of solitude to rejuvenate and focus on her intrinsic needs. She knows that it should be her priority to love and accept herself.

She prefers to be autonomous
She learned that she has to rely on herself to achieve her goal and not depend on anyone to be happy. She understood that her own happiness is in her and that she must seek it from the bottom of her heart.

She becomes stronger
Because she suffered so much and suffered, she decides today to use this pain to transform it into a force. This force can make appear hard, but she will use it to be even stronger in the face of harsh times in life.