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Lemon And Vaseline Recipe To Remove Wrinkles, Dry Skin And Have A Luminous Face

Lemon And Vaseline Recipe To Remove Wrinkles, Dry Skin And Have A Luminous Face

No more need for products filled with toxic and overpriced ingredients. This Vaseline Lemon Cream will give you smooth and glowing skin. It is possible to have radiant skin with the help of the right ingredients. There are probably two products in your home with properties that might surprise you. These are lemon and vaseline. The health benefits of lemon are no longer to be presented, many are not yet aware of its beauty benefits. Because it turns out that when combined with vaseline jelly, it is an excellent shield for the skin and protects it from pollution and other environmental attacks.

Lemon And Vaseline Recipe

Vaseline has long been used for the skin, but once you combine it with lemon, it is possible to have a sensational facial product that can remove blemishes and brighten the complexion.

The benefits of vaseline
Vaseline has been used for decades for its moisturizing and protective benefits for the skin. And this ointment actually has many more properties than we think. Doctor Myriam Cohen, pharmacist explains the benefits

An excellent anti-wrinkle
Vaseline has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its moisturizing nature. The skin then becomes firmer and smoother.

According to Dr. Cohen, "it helps to retain the water content of the skin and prevents the process of breakdown." However, be careful with its comedogenic effect which could promote the development of blackheads and other blemishes. This is the reason why it should be applied only to dry areas and avoided if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Effective against dry skin
Vaseline is therefore a product that promotes hydration, ideal for dry skin thanks to its oily texture.

The specialist explains that it "forms an impermeable layer on the surface of the skin which limits the elimination of water and prevents dehydration. It's sort of an anti-dehydrator. "

Benefits of lemon
It is no coincidence that lemon has always been used against cell aging thanks to its richness in antioxidants. It is therefore even less surprising to see its use for face masks.

Thanks to its contributions, wrinkles are reduced as well as spots on the skin. Its protective effect is also due to its antibacterial properties. Exit therefore impurities (blackheads, pimples or excess sebum) linked to external aggressions such as pollution or cold.

Preparation of mask with vaseline and lemon


- A teaspoon of Vaseline
- A tablespoon of lemon juice


- Take a glass container

- Mix the vaseline and your lemon juice until they form a homogeneous paste

- Before applying your cream, wash your face with water or your usual cleanser

- Massage your skin using circular motions with your fingertips, spreading the mask all over your face and without touching your eyes.

- Leave on overnight and rinse off the next day with lukewarm water

Choose an organic lemon to avoid the presence of pesticides. It should also be noted that lemon has photosensitizing effects, so it is important to apply it only in the evening and rinse and rinse the skin thoroughly before exposing yourself to the sun.