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8 Chair Workout For Round Booty And Flat Belly

8 Chair Workout For Round Booty And Flat Belly

Discover our workout of fat-burning exercises to get a flat belly and lift your bum at home. you will only need a chair. Sculpted legs, a flat stomach, a plump round bottom... or a firm shape are not as difficult to achieve as you might think. Despite the hundreds of exercises that abound on the web, requiring the use of a number of complicated accessories or equipment, there are some very simple tricks that you can easily do at home. The proof is thanks to these 8 fat-burning exercises that only require a chair to help you regain a firm and sculpted body.

Chair Workout For Round Booty And Flat Belly

While the cult of thinness and skinny figures was seen as an ideal of beauty, the trend now seems to lean towards more athletic bodies, drawn muscles and highlighted curves. Exit unrealistic diktats! Let's make way for a healthier diet, a better hygiene of life, and exercises that strengthen our body while eliminating fat to find a shapely and sensual silhouette!

For this, you will only need 20 minutes of your daily time to devote to these movements. Get a chair, a good dose of motivation and test this formidable workout:

Burn Fat In 20 Minutes With 8 Chair Exercises For Round Booty And Flat Belly 

Flat Belly and Round Booty Workout

Exercise 1

Support the abdomen on a chair

For this first exercise, sit down on a chair. Raise your legs so that your knees are slightly above the hips and support your back on the backrest. The sheathing should be felt in the abdomen. Once in position, bring both hands together and extend your arms to the left, then to the right.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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Exercise 2

The arms are placed on the seat

For this second exercise, place the chair in front of you and put both hands on the seat. Stretch your legs back, so that your body is tense and only your toes are touching the floor. Once in position, bend your right leg and raise your knee until it reaches your abdomen. Then alternate with the left leg.

Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.


Exercise 3

Floor exercise, legs on the chair

For this movement, place a chair next to you, then kneel on the floor. Place your palms on the floor and your feet on the seat behind you. You should rest on your toes and have your arms straight and parallel. Once in position, perform a push-up motion by bending your elbows to lower your torso to the floor. Return to the initial position and repeat the movement 10 times.

You can also try the 50 push-up challenge to transform your body in a month.

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Exercise 4

The raised plank exercise

This exercise is based on the reverse principle of the previous movement. This time, it is the arms which are supported on the seat and the feet which remain on the ground. To do this, place your palms on the edges of the chair and extend your legs behind you, supporting yourself on your toes. Once in a plank position, tighten your abdomen, keeping your back straight, and hold this pose for 1 to 2 minutes.

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Exercise 5

The staircase exercise 

In addition to strengthening your leg muscles, this exercise will sculpt your bottom for a more plump butt. The principle is the same as when you go up stairs: place a chair in front of you, raise the right leg by placing the sole of the foot on the seat and simultaneously raise the left arm by bending the elbow. Then repeat on the opposite side, this time raising your right arm.

The movement is to be repeated 10 times on each side.

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Exercise 6

The arms are supported on the seat

Start by sitting on the chair, then place your palms on the edge of the seat. Then bend your elbows back and move your pelvis forward keeping the same position with your legs bent in front of you. Once you are in a “sitting” position in front of the seat, lower your torso, keeping your back straight, so that you are closer to the floor. Stay in position for a few seconds, then return to the initial position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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Exercise 7

Floor exercise with feet flat on a chair

For this seventh exercise, lie down on the floor with your feet placed flat on a chair in front of you. Your legs and back should form a right angle. Once in position, lift your pelvis upwards, sheathing the buttocks during the movement. Release as you descend to the ground.

Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times. For even more effective results, place a bottle of water on your pelvis to intensify the exercise.

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Exercise 8

Exercise with weights

Have dumbbells or a bottle of water in each hand, and then step in front of your chair. Place the right foot on the seat and slowly step up, keeping the opposite leg slightly behind you. The arms should be kept straight. Once in position, come back down to the floor and alternate with the left leg.

This exercise is to be repeated 10 times on each side.

Remember that for optimal results, it is essential to favor a balanced diet, adequate sleep and sufficient hydration.