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 8 Foods To Boost Brain Function

8 Foods To Boost Brain Function

To help your brain work better, it starts with food. Discover 8 foods recommended by this nutrition psychiatrist. Taking care of your brain starts with eating too. Discover the 8 essential foods recommended by this psychiatrist specializing in nutrition. By choosing these nutrient sources, you will not only be in a better mood, but your cognitive skills will also be improved.

Foods For Boost Brain Function

Boosting brain health also means choosing the right foods. The specialist certifies that “food is medicine”. By prescribing these dietary changes, the doctors noticed that their patients observed positive changes in their brain health. That's why they recommend specific foods.

1- Beans and legumes

Do you know that the digestive system was the second brain? This study also proves that there is an axis linking the intestine and the brain. So to speak, any food good for the first organ is healthy for the second. Beans and legumes, which are rich in fiber, are therefore recommended for the health of this vital organ which is brain tissue.

And for good reason, they are loaded with magnesium, a mineral known to reduce stress and anxiety. Magnesium deficiency can increase stress caused by the sympathetic nervous system. By the way, white beans can even be used for weight loss. An ideal combo that this food offers us!

2- Yogurt

This study proves that this dairy product strengthens cognitive faculties and long-term mental health. According to the psychiatrist specializing in nutrition, it is also the probiotics that protect the brain, always in the logic of the link between this first organ and the digestive system. The doctor specifies that we can also choose a yogurt of plant origin but with active live cultures without sugar.

3- Dark chocolate

In addition to being a true delicacy with a subtle taste, dark chocolate is ideal for taking care of your brain. Rich in antioxidants, it fights against free radicals responsible for the development of diseases and premature cell aging. To prevent the latter, there is a molecule developed by scientists. "Make sure you buy organic dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa," advises the psychiatry and nutrition specialist. Like beans, they are rich in magnesium essential for brain health. This study published in the journal Foods attests that this food improves cognitive performance. One reason to consume a square every morning!

4- The avocado 

Rich in good fats, avocado is good for the brain. Rich in magnesium, it is a natural medicine that can be helpful in fighting depression naturally. This study shows that it is effective in improving cognitive skills among the elderly population. "A quarter of a medium-sized avocado per day provides fiber and healthy fats," says the specialist.

5- salmon

"Omega-3s have also been recommended for fighting anxiety," Uma Naidoo informs. This study shows that eating foods rich in this type of fatty acid reduces stress. This other research explains that these allow you to have a good emotional balance and a positive mood. The specialist say they always has it in their freezer. A convincing argument for eating this tasty oily fish more often.

6- Eggs

Rich in melatonin, the sleep hormone, eggs are ideal for deep, restful sleep. Not to spoil anything, this study proves that this source of protein improves the quality of the latter. The doctor recommends that those who do not like eggs to favor its substitutes such as quinoa or soy. These foods contain the amino acid L-ornithine which has the same virtues as eggs when one surrenders to the arms of Morpheus.

7- The jicama

Also rich in prebiotics, jicama is an unrecognized Aztec vegetable, recommended by the brain and diet specialists. "It's super crunchy and you can add it to a salad or dip it in hummus," they advised people. This study attests that the omega-3 present in this plant protects against degenerative diseases. This food can be found in organic grocery stores or specialty food stores around the world. How about trying this exotic ingredient in your dishes?

8- chilli

“Spices can change any meal and have different health benefits,” says the psychiatrist with expertise in nutrition. Most Recommended for Brain Health? Chili! The latter can improve mood, energy and immunity. This study proves that capsaicin, a bioactive compound found in chili peppers, decreases symptoms associated with depression. So why hesitate to sprinkle it in these dishes?

So many reasons to add these foods to our plate, which have beneficial effects on our brain and which at the same time allow us to maintain our health and well-being.