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Matchstick Trick To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

Matchstick Trick To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

Negative energy can invade your home and your life. Take a test to find out if your home is contaminated and find out how to cleanse negative vibes. The atmosphere in your home seems heavy, you feel stressed, sad and melancholy without knowing why. 

Matchstick Trick Can Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

Negative thoughts flood your mind and you lock yourself into a kind of loneliness that you can't explain. Negative energy can therefore be at the origin of these frustrating feelings that come over you. However, if you are in doubt, you can take a test to identify whether or not negative energy is present in your home.

Each emotion releases an energy that permeates the walls and marks the places. The latter generates a vibratory rate of the dwelling. 

Sometimes we have exceptional experiences where we feel a heavy energy upon entering a house that makes us uncomfortable. It can be a deposit of energy, bequeathed by former inhabitants or by various more or less tragic events in life. Be that as it may, an energetic rebalancing is necessary which consists in establishing the balance between the psychic load and the physical load.

The first step is to identify the actual presence of negative energy in your life and in the place where you live, which is supposed to be your place of refuge and peace. So there is a way to do energy cleaning in the house.

A foolproof method for detecting negative energy

To take the test, all you need to do is bring:

- A transparent glass filled with filtered water

- Two matches

Start by cleaning your mind and clearing any anxiety or fear and try to relax with a calm mind. Pick up a match at the bottom and close your eyes, concentrating and asking your mind if there is any energy in the place you are in that could harm you. At a distance of 7 cm from the top of the glass, drop the match into the glass of water. Once the match has stopped moving, perform the same operation with the second match.

The match sticks can thus take different positions, such as falling next to each other without touching each other, falling on top of each other while crossing each other or even falling close to each other. the other by touching.

How to explain the position of matches?

If the matches fall into the water without touching each other, then there is no negative energy in your home. If they are touching, it means that your home is imbued with negative energy resulting from jealousy or the evil eye. Finally, if the matches intersect, it explains the existence of a very dense negative energy which circulates and which could cause you harm both psychologically and physically.

What rituals to cleanse negative energy?

There are in this sense several methods to restore positive energy in your life and your home in order to purify it and feel more serenity.

- Coarse salt

This ingredient is part of the ancient methods to purify the atmosphere. To take advantage of its energetic benefits, you can put it in several bowls or glasses and place them in all corners of the house for a period of 7 days. After this time, get rid of the salt by draining it off with water.

You can also add coarse salt to the water you use to clean the floor. It will thus absorb negative energy and eradicate negative vibrations.

- Sage

Renowned for its purifying power, sage was also used by our ancestors to provide well-being and serenity. Light a stick of white sage and then blow gently to extinguish the flame and allow the smoke to spread from the embers. Use the sage stick around the house, making sure to leave windows open for better ventilation.

- Lemon and cloves

Spiritually, lemon is renowned for spreading energies of longevity and purifying powers. Cloves, on the other hand, help strengthen the mind and improve emotional healing. Cut a lemon in half and plant 9 cloves in it. Put the piece of lemon under your bed for 9 days. If the lemon turns black, it means you are affected by great evil from a nearby source. If the lemon dries normally, then there is nothing to fear since the negative energies are not ready to reach you.