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Walt Disney Launches Into The Metaverse

Walt Disney Launches Into The Metaverse

The Walt Disney company filed a patent for a "virtual world simulator" in December 2021. With this simulator, "visitors" will have an experience similar to that of the company’s theme parks but with a metaverse flavor!

The metaverse will bring 2022 to life! After the curtain on this technology thanks to Facebook (Meta) in 2021, the metaverse is enjoying ever greater success. Walt Disney is the latest major player to get caught up in the game!

Walt Disney Launches Into The Metaverse

Disney Wants To Create Its "Own Metaverse"

Even if certain elements suggested it, Disney had well hidden its game concerning the metaverse! We learn that the company filed a patent at the end of December for the design of a "virtual world simulator". Disney’s entry into the metaverse follows statements by CEO Bob Chapek last November. He had indeed commented that his company was ready for "its own" metaverse.

“The Walt Disney Company has a long history of pioneering the use of technology to enhance the entertainment experience. (…) Our efforts to date are just a prologue to a time when we will be able to connect the physical and digital worlds even more closely, enabling limitless storytelling in our own Disney metaverse, and we look forward to creating unprecedented opportunities for consumers everywhere to discover all that Disney has to offer on our products and platforms. »Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney"

The Metaverse patent filed by Walt Disney

The simulator consists of replicating one of the company's 12 theme parks. Users will then be able to move virtually within this park for a unique experience!

According to the pending patent, people will not need to wear special glasses or helmets. In the simulator, visitors will be able to walk around and will be located with their smartphone or other. Images of characters from the Disney universe will be shown to (virtual) visitors and hidden speakers will transmit sounds and voices to make the experience as immersive as possible.

The arrival of this simulator is good news considering that the company has lost $ 2.6 billion to the pandemic. In addition, it is part of the company’s strategy to exploit the latest technology. Walt Disney files hundreds of patents each year.

However, we will still have to be patient to test this simulator. The patent is expected to sit on the fridge for some time as the company says it “has no plans to introduce this technology” just yet.