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 What Is Web 3.0, And The Best Stock To Invest In 2022?

What Is Web 3.0, And The Best Stock To Invest In 2022?

New investment trends have been plentiful in 2022, and while the metaverse has taken center stage, there is another trend that could explode this year: Web 3.0, or "Third Generation Internet."

What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0, and what are the Best Actions to take advantage of it on the stock market Web 3.0 - or third generation of the Internet - is a concept that indicates the evolutions to be expected in the next wave of Internet innovations . Web 3.0 is based in particular on the idea of ​​an easily transferable digital currency, and the decentralization of activities, with the release of the need for intermediaries for creators.

What Is Web 3.0

In addition, the concept of Web 3.0 implies that users and machines will be able to interact with data, using technologies such as the Semantic Web and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Best Stocks For Investing In Web 3.0 In 2022

Taking this definition into account, we have selected below 3 actions that could greatly benefit from the boom in Web 3.0 in 2022 and beyond.

1. Apple

Payment in cryptocurrency is democratizing on mobile and Apple Pay If Apple can be considered a bet on the web 3.0, it is not really because of its willingness to apply this concept, but simply as one of the makers of most popular smartphone in the world. Apple is therefore in a way an investment in the infrastructure of web 3.0 on the user side.

All web 3.0 developments assume that users make extensive use of the mobile internet, via their smartphones. However, Apple has the most loyal and financially affluent smartphone users in the world, so these top users will be sought after by web 3.0 developers.

2. Coinbase

Decentralized digital currency, otherwise cryptocurrency, is a key tenet of web 3.0. Accessing web 3.0 applications often requires the purchase of cryptocurrency. In this area, Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States with 73 million users.

But cryptocurrency trading isn't the only benefit of Coinbase stock. The company has announced that it is working on a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, an area also closely linked to web 3.0 as it allows virtual properties to be guaranteed.

3. Nvidia

Nvidia Corporation is at the forefront of almost every major area of ​​technology. So it makes sense that it's at the top of the list of Web 3.0 stocks to buy. Indeed, if Apple is a bet on the web 3.0 infrastructure on the user side, Nvidia is a bet on the web 3.0 infrastructure on the developer side.

Indeed, Nvidia offers solutions for artificial intelligence, cloud computing and deep machine learning. Nvidia's technology is already used in a wide range of industries. For example, it is used in telecommunications, financial services, gaming, healthcare, etc. Chances are, Nvidia's technology plays a big role in Web 3.0 development.