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 Stellar XLM Price: Real-time Evolution, History And Predictions

Stellar XLM Price: Real-time Evolution, History And Predictions

Stellar XLM  Lumens is a promising cryptocurrency with some cool features. It is a decentralized and open-access platform that allows currencies and assets to be exchanged thanks to its autonomous stock exchange. This open source blockchain uses advanced technology. As a result, many investors are interested in the price of Stellar XLM .

Stellar Price: Real-time Evolution, History And Predictions

Here is a Stellar Lumens price guide that will allow you to better understand its definition, operation and usefulness.

Our Stellar XLM Guides

The value and price of Stellar Lumens XLM has steadily increased since its launch in 2014.

Its price per unit tickled $0.92 in January 2018. Subsequently, the price of Stellar XLM Lumens collapsed considerably by 45%. Currently, the price of Stellar XLM  is stable because we have seen the price of the Stellar Lumens unit 0.65$. Thanks to its capitalization, the crypto currency ranks 14th in the world ranking. The question now is how high will the price of Stellar Lumens go?

Historical Stellar Lumens XLM  Value And Price

Since its inception, the price of Stellar Lumens XLM  has continued to evolve. To understand it and better understand it, it is important to go back to its history.

Stellar Price 2014

Stellar (XLM) is an open source payment protocol that was created in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim.

In August of the same year, XLM rose rapidly: it was worth 0.003$ and 5 days later its value increased to show Stellar XLM 0.006$.

Stellar Price 2015

Even though the Stellar was born in 2014, its roadmaps were actually unveiled to the public in April 2015 only. However, it was not until November 2015 that the upgraded version of the cryptocurrency went live, and changed from Stellar to Lumen.

XLM price in 2016

From its creation date until 2016, the price of Stellar was highly unstable, having fluctuated widely between 0.002$ and 0.004$.

XLM price 2017

2017 is the year of many changes in the price evolution of Stellar. Its price has increased significantly this year, and the cryptocurrency was worth 0.05$.

2017 also represents the year of signing important partnerships between Stellar and IBM, as well as other organizations to carry out money transactions between Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Stellar price 2018

The year 2018 represents a major turning point for the value of Stellar. On January 3, 2018, the XLM was worth almost 0.92$. However, the cryptocurrency subsequently fell by 45%.

Stellar price in 2019

At the beginning of 2019, the Stellar price fluctuated around 0.07$ per unit.

Prices 2020

Despite the coronavirus health crisis, the value of Stellar and its 24-hour volume are rather stable. Its price currently fluctuates around 0.06 $.

Who Determines The Price Of The Stellar XLM ?

Today, there are nearly 20 billion Stellar in circulation around the world, out of the 50 billion that are due to go live. Unlike traditional currencies like the euro or dollar, this cryptocurrency is not governed by a financial institution.

The price of Stellar XLM  is totally linked to the law of supply and demand. The higher the demand, the more its value will increase. Conversely, when the supply is higher, the price tends to fall.

What Factors Will Fluctuate The Value And Price Of Stellar?

Apart from supply and demand, several factors can influence the price of Stellar in real time and cause its price and volume to fluctuate 24 hours. This is particularly the case for the following elements.

The perception of the Stellar XLM  and its price by the media and the public

How the media and the public perceive the Stellar XLM cryptocurrency can influence its price favorably or unfavorably.

As you know, the traditional banking industry can be prone to corruption and many vices. The fact that XLM represents a threat to the latter can work in its favor and position it in good graces with investors.

However, the value of Stellar can also drop drastically if there is a negative public reaction, or if the crypto becomes associated with criminal activity.

Being a fairly recent cryptocurrency, Stellar may not be very well known to the general public today, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies for example. This factor can also play on the fluctuation of its price and affect it negatively over even a 24-hour period.

Stellar XLM Course: Tax Laws in Certain Countries

Legal issues can cause the value of the Stellar XLM  to fluctuate. For example, if a state's tax laws and financial institutions are oppressive and do not recognize cryptocurrency, then this may affect its course.

Conversely, the legalization of the latter can have a positive effect!

XLM Stellar Course: Investors

With all the cryptocurrencies in circulation, investors who own large volumes of currency can manipulate Stellar value to their heart's content on their own.

XLM Stellar prices and other cryptocurrencies

At the moment, XLM is in competition with RippleNet in terms of its partnerships with banking institutions, and Ethereum for the establishment of ICOs.

Based on market capitalization, the price of Stellar is always lower than that of Ether. However, the situation may well change, depending on how all these currencies move.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Definition: What is it?

stellar currency courseThe Stellar Lumens was born on July 31, 2014, under the ingenious idea of ​​Jeb McCaleb and Joyce Kim. As a Bitcoin pioneer, Jeb McCaleb is known as a co-founder of Ripple and the creator of the Mt.Gox market.

Stellar Lumens is an open global financial network that caters to individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. The project of this platform is to facilitate international transfers and micro-payments. Transactions are also done instantly, i.e. 3 seconds to validate a stellar consensus protocol.

Since 2015, the token has changed its denomination from Stellar to Lumen. Currently, 50 billion XLM tokens are available on the cryptocurrency market. The platform has signed partnerships with IBM and certain financial institutions in order to make money transfers between Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How Does Stellar Lumens XLM  Work?

Stellar uses a network of decentralized servers that are responsible for verifying transactions on the blockchain. In practice, it functions as a flexible and inclusive protocol between entities and partners. Here is the procedure to make a transfer through the Stellar network.


The first thing to do is to deposit the funds to an anchor point on the network. This anchor will be responsible for storing the funds transformed into Lumens before sending them to the Stellar network.


The anchor will credit your virtual wallet through the decentralized network. And it is from this moment that the Lumens will be converted into the desired fiat currency, in the public ledger. As a reminder, the exchange rate is relatively low.


The correspondent's account is automatically credited with the amount exchanged in one of the currencies. As soon as the transfer is confirmed, the receiver will be able to make a withdrawal in an anchor that supports this currency.

Ripple co-founder Jed Mccaleb wanted to apply the same principles to XLM. Like Ripple, Stellar Lumens uses blockchain technology. It is an independent network of computers that allows investors to buy and sell currencies on a public ledger. This decentralized exchange is kept in a distributed ledger.

In any event, the presence of a third party is not required in the payment system. The integrity of the transactions is therefore ensured by the validators of the Stellar protocol.

A copy of the transactions is automatically sent to all Stellar servers in the system scattered around the world. This is what explains the power of this peer-to-peer network.

Today, everyone has the right to own a decentralized server. Moreover, the network becomes robust when the number of servers is high. There is then an SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) that examines and synchronizes transactions across the network. Anyway, the Stellar system converts money automatically and easily thanks to the public ledger. Similarly, it uses XLM to operate exchanges.

The Stellar XLM Lumens blockchain consists of ledgers and anchors. While the former facilitate trade, the latter issue credits. These entities ensure the conversion of the digital currencies incorporated into the network. No need to seek banking services, especially since liquidity is stable and fast.

The Stellar Lumens XLM  Blockchain Explained

In short, the Stellar Lumens blockchain is like an endless book that classifies accounting documents. Users are thus notified each time changes are made to a page. All members of the blockchain can verify all transactions in the Stellar system.

When we talk about blockchain, we are referring to a frequently updated public ledger that avoids erroneous transactions without having to resort to a banking institution. Simply, it is a secure and transparent technology that stores and transmits financial data. No central body is involved in the distribution of data to users. In other words, users do not need a distributor or mediator to authenticate transactions.

Blockchain Stellar technology uses an algorithm to assign a digital fingerprint to each block. This hashing process creates a certain immutability. It therefore becomes impossible to falsify validated data on the computer network. This is possible if and only if all the blocks are modified in their entirety.

What is the Stellar Lumens XLM used for?

The digital currency used on the Stellar network is Lumens. Stellar Lumens offers several global and practical uses that are worth noting.

  1- Trade security

The Stellar platform continues to capture the attention of its users due to its ease of payment on a website. Payment procedures take place instantly and securely. The protocol is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second, bypassing traditional financial institutions.

  2- Decentralized market

A public ledger awaits Stellar blockchain players to trade assets and currencies. This decentralized exchange then makes it possible to transfer any currency to a user in any other currency. In short, the Stellar platform converts currencies with the best exchange rate. More so, the fees taken in each transaction are insignificant (i.e. 0.0001 XLM).

  3- Personalization of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

It is possible to customize ICOs on the Stellar Lumens network in order to benefit from features like the Lightning Network. This personalization also concerns guaranteed debts, the issuance of dividends and fiduciary deposits.

 4- Decentralized control

Online transactions are carried out on the basis of consensus between nodes. There is no control from a central authority or the financial institutions that regulate it. Miners trust each other when validating transactions.

What Are Stellar Lumens Wallets?

The choice of your Stellar wallet depends on the amount of XLM you hold and the use you want to make of it. There are several ways to login to a Stellar Lumens wallet. You can use either a web wallet, a downloadable wallet, or a hardware wallet.

The web-wallet

Online wallets are very often associated with an exchange website and they allow you to store XLM. This means that you can access your account wherever you are provided that there is an internet connection.

Downloadable wallets

There are mainly three Stellar wallets for download. These include Lobstr, Solar Wallet and Keybase, among others. You can also install them on your mobile devices (IOS or Android) and on the desktop computer (Mac/PC).

Desktop wallets are downloadable programs that facilitate the management of cryptocurrencies based on private keys. By way of illustration, the following desktop wallets support Stellar Lumens: Foxlet Stellar, Atomic, Solar.

As for Stellar mobile wallets, we can mention Stargazer Stellar and Infinito.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets feature advanced technology. It then becomes impossible to hack the private keys since they are never connected to the Internet. Stellar Lumens investors rave about it for the high standard of security and cold storage.

Here is the best way to connect to the Stellar network. You have the choice between Trezor and Ledger Nano X to check the amount of Lumens available in your account. Simply log into the Stellar Account Viewer.

Stellar Lumens paper wallets are highly recommended for storing XLM offline for a short period of time. Account data is stored on a sheet of paper. It will therefore be impossible for hackers to steal the private key.

Benefits of Stellar Lumens

  • Transaction speed and scalability: Stellar uses an algorithm that allows for faster transactions without the need to be approved by the mining network.
  • Decentralized and open source: Stellar is an open source and decentralized protocol for digital currency money transfers that allows transactions between any currency pair.
  • Excellent level of security thanks to multi-signature transactions
  • In partnership with IBM, Deloitte and Stripe, IBM is currently developing its own Stellar coin based on the Stellar platform
  • XLM is a current bridge and reduces the potential for network spam
  • You can use the platform to issue your own tokens
  • Integration of a decentralized exchange
  • Ethical platform whose management is attributed to a non-profit organization
  • Very low transaction fees to achieve huge savings and more attractive exchange rates

Stellar Lumens Limits

  • Competition from other cryptocurrencies: Stellar faces great competition from other cryptocurrencies. The payment protocol Ripple is its biggest competitor.
  • Over 100 billion tokens in total supply and the Stellar development fund controls these coins.
  • Stellar uses a constant inflation model. Bitcoin in comparison has a fixed supply.
  • Stellar does not work with smart contracts as it does with Ethereum.
  • Stellar (XLM) Price Reviews & Predictions: Is It Too Late To Invest?

Stellar price predictions Observing the evolution of the price of Stellar Lumens, it is clear that our opinion on Stellar is positive.

The Stellar open source project is constantly trying to increase its market share. As announced by the Partnerships Manager of the Stellar XLM Development Foundation, Stellar is now working in many countries around the world to strengthen its technology and is in partnership with banks and major players in the financial sector.

Here are the reasons that suggest that the future of Stellar XLM  is very bright for 2022.

A rise for the Stellar course

The years follow and look alike with Stellar Lumens. Each year, there is an increase of more than 70% in XLM assets. The Stellar ecosystem is booming. It is therefore understandable why the number of Stellar Lumens accounts is multiplied by two each year.

Liquidity and accessibility of the Stellar Lumens XLM course

Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to obtain and store XLM. Nowadays, trading sites like eToro have made Stellar Lumens easy to use. Moreover, Lumens is starting to become a preferred payment method for large distributors and on several types of websites.

Safe haven and price stability Stellar

Lumens is a virtual currency of the future for the simple reason that it is stable. This is justified by the fact that crypto does not depend on an economic system let alone political power. In the years to come, this stateless currency will be a safe haven like gold.

No risk of inflation and devaluation of the Stellar price

The inflation rate is easily handled by Stellar Lumens computer programs. Therefore, the risk of devaluation is lower since the value of XLM is stable.

When it comes to making a prediction about Stellar price, some resources claim that XLM price will reach $0.105 this year that if it continues its current momentum, it could reach as high as $0.742 in the next 5 years.

How To Get Stellar Cryptocurrency (XLM)?

Obtaining Stellar Lumens is not complicated at all. There are several ways to achieve this.

Exchange your money for Stellar Lumens

If you want to have Stellar Lumens in large quantities, simply exchange them for your fiat currency on a crypto trading platform. However, take the time to check the applicable commissions on each exchange so as not to affect your earnings.

Get Stellar on airdrops

It is not possible to mine Stellar XLM as it happens in other cryptocurrencies. XLM Lumens are pre-mined. From the launch of this virtual currency, 100 billion Lumens had already been created and there are currently 18 billion tokens on the financial market. Moreover, you cannot stake Stellar.

On the other hand, you will be able to obtain XLM for free on airdrops which ensure the free distribution of Lumens. This operation aims to expand the use of Stellar Lumens XLM .

The free distribution of XLM tokens is unique in that it increases the visibility of this crypto currency in the eyes of the world. The user benefiting from the tokens will certainly make the offer known to those around him. At the same time, Stellar arouses admiration from the community around him. In the end, the beneficiaries of the good plan should invest their own funds after placing the free tokens.

As a result, the economy becomes more inclusive with the use of this financial service. The biggest beneficiaries of this distribution program are entities, partners of Stellar Lumens and users of Ripple and Bitcoin.

You can learn all about Stellar Airdrop by following sites like aidropalert.com.

Conclusion: Is The Stellar Price Interesting In?

As with any other cryptocurrency, there is no definitive answer to this question. Because even if the Stellar blockchain is positioned as a very good network, it is not easy to determine if it is the right time to buy XLM or buy cryptocurrency in general. As you have seen, its price fluctuates, and many factors can influence it positively or negatively. The current health crisis is a good example.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the price of Stellar XLM has been rather stable. As a result, we can rely on this to believe that cryptocurrency can stand the test of time and stand as a solution for investors who seek security.

If you want to invest in XLM, we always recommend that you arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and only invest what you can afford to lose. As a beginner, eToro is undoubtedly an optimal trading platform to invest in Stellar.