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 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies For March 2022

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies For March 2022

With March just beginning, investors are already looking ahead. Whether in the short, medium or long term, these projects could well prove to be interesting to buy or to strengthen in its portfolio. Here are several projects that could well take advantage of the month of March to take off.

Top 5 Cryptos For March 2022

With several thousand projects, the crypto market continues to grow. And the opportunities are multiplying. Focus today on several projects with different maturities to build a balanced portfolio.

1-Bitcoin (BTC)

The development of the crypto industry which exploded in 2021 is set to continue for the longer term. And it is hard to imagine that this development would take place without Bitcoin, which still represents more than 40% of the total crypto market today.

Faced with the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Bitcoin could see its demand increase sharply. In particular, it could be used by Russia as a tool to circumvent the financial sanctions imposed. In order to continue to trade with the whole world, companies could be tempted to invest in Bitcoin even more widely. An element that would then contribute to creating strong buying pressure on the BTC token and therefore a bullish momentum. Over the past 24 hours, the token has grown by almost 10%. However, the token is still moving quite far from its all-time high, recorded on November 10 and close to $69,000.

  • Current price: $41,630.45
  • Marketcap: $790 billion

2 – Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

The Lucky Block platform provides concrete answers to the lottery sector. By offering a solution 100% hosted on the blockchain, the project intends in particular to solve the problem of the lack of transparency, often put forward by players around the world. The protocol that runs on the Binance Smart Chain also greatly limits operating costs. Creating the conditions for better player compensation for each jackpot won. In addition, the blockchain allows players from all over the world to be able to participate in the same lottery.

Lucky Block also has a social dimension, with the project donating 10% of the total amount of each jackpot to charity. The owners of the LBLOCK token can also vote for the projects they wish to see financed. Since the pre-sale of the token, the token has seen its price increase by more than 4,000%. Next March, the platform will conduct its first jackpot draw. With the key, more than 5 million dollars to share. This weekend, the project celebrated its 40,000th holder, proof that the community around Lucky Block is very solid.
  • Current Price: $0.005887
  • Marketcap: Not available on Coinmarketcap

3 – Velas (VLX)

While users appreciate Cardano for its scientific approach to blockchain, users increasingly appreciate Velas (VLX) for similar aspects. Indeed, the Velas protocol (VLX) is based on artificial intelligence to respond to the thorny problem of the blockchain triptych (scalability, security and decentralization). Thus, depending on network conditions, the protocol adjusts in real time to favor one of these three components.

For observers, the Velas blockchain could be one of the good picks of the year 2022. Like the explosion of the Solana and Avalanche projects, at the door of the top 100 at the start of 2021 and today in the top 10. Velas currently occupies the 110th position. For this new year, the blockchain has also signed a sponsorship partnership with the Italian Formula 1 firm: Scuderia Ferrari. A partnership that should help bring maximum visibility to the VLX token.

  • Current Price: $0.2367
  • Marketcap: $537 million

4 – Chronos (CRO)

Formerly known as the eponymous platform Crypto.com, the project recently changed its name to Cronos. A change of name motivated by the desire of the Crypto.com platform to develop the Cronos blockchain more widely. A blockchain entirely articulated around DeFi (decentralized finance).

On its exchange, the platform seems more determined than ever to compete with the behemoths Coinbase and Binance. And for this, Crypto.com continues its aggressive partnership strategy. After the naming of the NBA hall of the Los Angeles Lakers, the platform more recently offered the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the United States via a partnership concluded over a period of 9 years. In the coming months, the platform could also obtain PSAN (Digital Asset Service Provider) approval and continue its express development throughout Europe.

  • Current Price: $0.4273
  • Marketcap: $10.8 billion

5 – Galeon (GALEON)

Galeon project aims to simplify administration in the medical field. By allowing easy and secure sharing of information between hospitals via the blockchain, but also by offering patients the possibility of creating their health records more easily.

While the token completed its ICO a few weeks ago, it will be listed on March 10. The first price of the token will be $0.035, which is a slightly higher price than during the third and final phase of the ICO.
  • Current course: Not available
  • Marketcap: Not available