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About Us

In Savvy Life MAG, we believe it is possible to live better without spending more. To prove this, we select and publish everyday little stuff that change life. You think like us?

At Savvy Life MAG find out Little Tricks and Plans that change life , we believe it is possible to live better without spending more. But saving is difficult so we aim to make it easier for you.
Everyday we select and publish little life changing stuffs. More precisely, we test sometimes weird stuff. The good news is that with these little life tips, anyone can live better without spending more.
We are not trying to change people, but we aim to offer simple and inexpensive alternative. For us, ask and think about how we live, allows us to simplify, improve while having a positive impact on our environment and avoiding the most negative .
Savvy Life MAG was established in March 2014, and as several bloggers have joined around our idea: we can not change completely everything, but we can change gradually.
The Editorial Guidelines in our website are very simple:
  • Only write about things that we do or that we witnessed.
  • A photo and a short text, to allow rapid assimilation of the idea.
  • We are Posting Articles according to our inspiration and our desires: there is no race to the amount,  so there are times when we publish very little

How to help Us write for us

We created Savvy Life MAG to publish little tips and tricks that change our perspective to life. Help us spread Savvy Life MAG ! Write about us a post on your blog or send an email to your friends. Today, everyone needs tips, it's time to share them in your social networks .
Want to contribute? We are always looking for new tricks. If you think you know a trick that really works, a little clever trick or a clever product that everyone should know , we invite you to post it here.
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