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Waking Up Between 3:00 Am And 5:00 Am Means A Lot Of Things ...

Waking Up Between 3:00 Am And 5:00 Am Means A Lot Of Things ...

Waking Up Between 3am And 5am Means A Lot Of Things ...

Sleep disorders can be caused by a number of factors related to stress, fatigue, age, certain medications, alcohol, and other sources, many of which are unknown, existence.

The cycle of our sleep reveals the state of our mind. You tend to wake up at the same time each night?

Aside from the physical aspect, the body is an energetic system in its own right very sophisticated and a dysfunction created in this system will cause physical troubles. There is undoubtedly a synergy between the physical and the energies that pass through the body, especially what is called in Chinese traditional medicine the energy meridians, these energy flows at the level of the meridians where acupuncture and acupressure are practiced.

The energy channels of the body are linked to a biological clock system. These channels represent an energizing force for different parts of the body at various times of the day.

Chronobiology, by way of example, describes this phenomenon as a 24-hour cycle which is divided into twelve parts with an average duration of 2 hours during which energy moves from one organ to another in order to regulate Our biological and behavioral functions. Deregulation of this rhythm causes sleep disorders and significant physiological disturbances, which explains these awakenings.

Knowing that the organs of the body are interdependent, the movement of energy according to each organ at a precise moment will help us to spot the organ that tries to alert us through these awakenings.

Having sleep disorders between 9:00 Pm and 11:00 Pm could be a sign of stress:
This is the time when usually the majority of people go to bed. If you experience difficulty falling asleep between these two hours, this is a sign of an excess of stress. Meditation, mantras and relaxation exercises are strongly recommended in this scenario.

Waking up between 11:00 Pm and 1:00 Am could be the result of emotional disappointment

Traditional Chinese medicine explains that this time coincides with the activity of the meridian energy of the gall bladder. Waking up at this time could mean that there is an emotional disappointment and that it is advisable to work on oneself whether it is about forgiveness or about self-acceptance.

Waking up between 1:00 Am and 3:00 Am can hide anger

The meridian energies are connected with the liver, waking up at this time could be associated with anger and excess energy Yang. To sleep in peace take possession of the situation that made you angry, drink a glass of fresh water make yourself peaceful.

Waking up between 3:00 Am and 5:00 Am can mean that your higher power holds your hand to you

During this time, the meridian is connected to the lungs and to the emotions of sadness. If you wake up at this time it is that your superior power alerts you to your situation in order to guide you towards your goals. To regain sleep, do breathing exercises and a prayer.

Waking up between 5:00 Am and 7:00 Am is associated with emotional blockages

The flow of energy between these two hours is that of the large intestine, if you get up at this moment, it means that you have blocks in the emotions the meridian energy of the gall bladder. Make stretches or a ride to the toilet to help you get back to sleep.

The body is truly fascinating, if we learn to observe it and listen to what it is trying to tell us, perhaps we could be able to improve both aspects of our physical and spiritual life.