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This Is The Dirtiest Part Of The Body. Here's How To Clean It From Germs And Bacteria To Prevent Infections

This Is The Dirtiest Part Of The Body. Here's How To Clean It From Germs And Bacteria To Prevent Infections

Dirtiest Part Of The Body Clean It From Germs And Bacteria

Good daily hygiene is important to keep your body clean and healthy. It removes dirt and bacteria that accumulate throughout the day. But sometimes, a part of our body escapes this cleaning and it is well the navel! Here are methods to clean it properly.

After birth, the baby detaches itself from its mother and the placenta which allowed it to feed itself when it was in its belly through the umbilical cord. As a result of this separation, there is a small hole called the "navel". This area is considered the dirtiest part of the body.

A daily shower is a necessary gesture to stay clean

To maintain good health, you must always maintain good hygiene. It is for this reason that we must take a daily shower that will allow us to eliminate the bacteria and the germs that accumulate on all the parts of our body. These germs can harm our overall health, hence the need to clean regularly.

The navel: the dirtiest part!

The navel is one of the parts that most often resist cleaning, it is a place full of germs and bacteria. Mainly due to its aspirated and retracting shape, the navel is likely to collect fiber clothes, dead skin cells, sweat, lotion residues and soap. All these elements make this part of the body the preferred spot for bacteria and other microorganisms. It can also cause unpleasant odors and trigger health problems and infections.

Several studies and studies have claimed that the navel can accumulate and collect up to 67 types of bacteria, even with daily showers. According to a Canadian study, researchers found nearly 1400 types of bacteria in the navel!

Here is how to clean the navel and eliminate all germs and bacteria

There are two powerful ways to clean navel. Both are extremely effective.

Salted water

In order to prepare this solution, you must mix a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water. Then, using your finger or a clean towel, gently rub your navel with this solution. Then rinse this area with clean water and gently dry it, making sure that it is cleaned thoroughly.


In order to clean your navel with alcohol, you must first dip a cotton swab in alcohol. Then, gently rub the inside of your navel. Be sure to repeat this step until your belly button is clean. Then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

In case your navel is sucked in and in, dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and clean your navel carefully before showering. Then, during the shower, take a clean cotton swab on which you will apply a little natural soap (aloe vera, honey, orange) and then clean your navel in the same way you did with the cotton swab soaked Of rubbing alcohol. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cotton towel.

If you have a protruding navel, apply a little soap to the end of a previously moistened cotton towel. Clean your navel with this towel then rinse with warm water and dry with another towel. This final gesture of drying the navel after washing is very important because water and moisture can promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

Good to know :

If you have a piercing, remove it before cleaning. It is advisable to remove your piercing from time to time and get rid of the crusts. This will create an inhospitable environment for the bad bacteria causing infections.

Tips for Cleaning Your Navel -umbilicus-:
  • Never use sharp objects.
  • If your navel is strong and red or irritated, consult your doctor. This can be a sign of infection.
  • Be very careful when cleaning, you could get hurt by rushing to do it.
  • If you accidentally injured yourself by cleaning the navel, seek medical advice.
  • Discard used cotton swabs and keep them out of the reach of children.
  • If you have a piercing, follow the instructions of your piercer.
  • When the piercing is new, try to prepare a cold compress and apply it on.