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Rub A Tomato On Your Face Allows To Have An Exceptional Skin

Rub A Tomato On Your Face Allows To Have An Exceptional Skin

There is no doubt that acne is a problem both embarrassing and uncomfortable skin that can be sometimes painful. But this is not the only inconvenience that our skin can suffer, which is why we must take the necessary measures to purify it and make it as clear as possible. Here are some tips that will do the most good for your face.

Including the tomato in your skin care routine is quite a good idea as it is able to get rid of acne as well as various pimples that can appear overnight. The richness of tomato vitamin A, C, E, K and B6 have the effect of properly nourishing the skin while tightening its pores. As a bonus, the fact that this fruit is acid balances the pH of the skin, which means that it will be far more immune to rashes of all kinds.

The tomato is also full of water and antioxidants, which means it moisturizes, repairs and regenerates skin tissue while fighting early aging.

Use tomato to heal your skin

In the form of an exfoliating mask
In order to concoct this homemade mask, you will need to first hold your tomatoes in warm water for a minute before draining them. Then peel them and remove the pips and crush them until you get a paste. You will then only have to apply this paste on your face and let it act for an hour before rinsing. Repeat this once a week.

It's quite possible to incorporate yoghurt or even cucumber puree into your concoction because the high content of zinc and lactic acid yogurt makes the various imperfections and scars on the skin disappear. Cucumber, on the other hand, brings a refreshing effect that pushes the pores to tighten.

In the form of an antioxidant mask
Take a tablespoon of tomato juice and a few drops of lemon juice, then mix them. Once everything is homogeneous, put it on the areas of your skin where there are imperfections. You will have to wait 5 minutes for the mask to take effect before rinsing your face with lukewarm water. Also know that the richness of lemon vitamin C boosts the antioxidant effect of tomato. This mask must be applied once a week and only in the evening because the lemon is photosensitizing.

In an anti-acne massage
To do this, you will first cut a tomato in half and rub the slices on the different parts affected. Wait for about 15 minutes while the juice is working, then rinse. The effectiveness of such a massage against acne is more to prove, it is the same for its effect against dehydration, impurities and free radicals.

Some precautions to take into account
The dermatologist Véronique Gassia recommends to be cautious in the choice and application of exfoliation techniques, since in case of excessive use, the skin can become hypersensitive and degrade. This can also lead to later irritations, micro-inflammations or even an acceleration of the skin aging process. Reason why, a single application of exfoliating mask per week is not to be exceeded.
Rub A Tomato On Your Face Allows To Have An Exceptional Skin